PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Physics with Nuclear Technology Personal Statement

Submitted by Jamie

Physics with Nuclear Technology Personal Statement

Submitted by Jamie

My first experience of Nuclear Physics was when I watched James May’s Big Ideas. He visited JET and watched Nuclear Fusion take place. Seeing the process of Nuclear Fusion really sparked my interest. After seeing this I was immediately intrigued and began to research the subject, and I haven’t stopped. I first researched Fusion on Earth and some Nuclear Fission, then expanded to researching Fusion in stars. In Year 11 I also taught a lesson on Nuclear Fission and Fusion. I am inspired by both forms of Nuclear Power but my real passion lies with Fusion.

To pursue this I would like to study Physics, I am interested in all areas of Physics, with Nuclear Physics being my favourite. I find it particularly stimulating thinking about the world at a quantum level. Knowing how and why the world works is a desirable quality. At University I intend to extend my knowledge, and choosing this course will help me to develop my proficiency in the subject. I would also like to do a year in industry to gain a working knowledge of the field I would like to go into. In doing this I hope to enhance my employability.

Studying at Sixth Form my A-Levels include Physics, Maths and Chemistry, I believe these will help me as they all link into a STEM element. Within Physics I particularly enjoy the Nuclear topic, I also enjoy the Quantum and Particle elements. In October I went on a once in a lifetime Physics trip to Geneva where I visited CERN and Emosson Dam along with the SIG energy plant. The subjects I study are not always straightforward and I often have to problem solve, the sense of satisfaction when I get an answer right motivates me to carry on. Whilst studying at Sixth Form, I complete many different presentations which gives me confidence in speaking in front of my peers, one of these was on Carbon Fibre reinforced polymers. I really enjoyed the freedom to research my own choice of material. In doing this my research skills have developed. I was also part of the Wickersley Plus scheme, this included a trip to Sheffield University where we were given a tour of the labs and this gave me the opportunity to see how I would work at university level.

In my spare time I enjoy playing piano and being a member of Friends in Harmony choir, and I perform in concerts for both. Currently, I am volunteering at Catcliffe Garage as the inner workings of cars are also a big interest of mine. Whilst volunteering here, I am entrusted with customer liaisons and telephone communications. I have gained many different skills here such as, organisational skills along with time management and I am reliable and punctual.

My career aspiration is to be a Nuclear Physicist specialising in Nuclear Fusion, this has always been my aspiration because I have a great interest in the lifecycle of stars and how the process of Nucleosynthesis progresses. I would like to use the knowledge I gain from the course to offer a potential replacement for fossil fuels in the future. I also would like to be part of a sector that makes groundbreaking discoveries and advances in the world of Physics. I would be an excellent candidate for a place on the course as I am hard working and am eager to expand my knowledge.

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