PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Economic, Politics and Public Policy Personal Statement

Economic, Politics and Public Policy Personal Statement

When asking somebody of their initial thought when saying ‘McDonalds’, most individuals reply with “Ronald McDonald” or the notoriously famous “Yellow M”. The monumental impact of marketing, the very way it cultivates an individual’s perception of an enterprise, is an element that has captivated me for several years. Marketing is more than advertisements, it constructs our businesses, shapes our societies. It is for this purpose that I would love the prospect of studying marketing in further depth at university.

My uncle, the chief marketer of ‘Zurich International Life’, previously based in Qatar, further enthralled me to deepen my knowledge in the arts of marketing. During my travels I took upon my initiative to visit ‘The Qatar Financial Centre’, here I was exposed to not only the advertising aspect of marketing but rather the softer aspects like product development, distribution channel management etc. Over the years my passion has only refined, inspiring me to read ‘Purple Cow’, in which Seth Godin’s argument begins with his assumption that marketing is now significantly less effective, his view that the ‘one chance for success is to be remarkable’ was extremely thought-provoking.

My passion for English language has provided me with a vast knowledge of linguistics, developing my skills of precise yet critical terminology, whilst heightening my sensitivity to the power of language. The very idea that language has the sole ability to travel beyond the surface, to uncover intended meanings, further aids me with the skills critical in marketing, particularly in advertisement. Reading George R.R. Martins ‘A Dance with Dragons’ has allowed me to appreciate the power of imagination in a literary creation, the very idea that marketing is targeted at all audiences, thus a certain level of understanding is adamant. 

Studying both Chemistry and Biology at A-level has extremely contributed to my effective workload management skills; as well as providing me with the ability to think logically, developing not only my problem solving skills, but applying scientific knowledge outside of the laboratory. The very fact that solving detailed equations in Chemistry has allowed me to comprehend the precise importance of attention to detail likewise in marketing fields, whereby attention is critical.  

My deeper interests in making a difference enhanced me to take up volunteer work at Springfield Care Centre working alongside elderly people. Helping them cope with day-to-day activities extremely provoked my greater understanding of not only perseverance but the very prominence of communication skills. Whilst volunteering, I discovered the importance of ethics outside of marketing like individual needs, beliefs and values, this experience left me not only more bettered morally but also desirous to make a change, I believe perseverance is a key skill in marketing.

Additionally, since the age of twelve, I have immensely enjoyed Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. In Ju-Jitsu, mastery of the mind is a crucial factor to win; every time I play, I encounter a wide range of psychological problems, in which I have learnt to deal with effectively. Alongside my hobbies, I undertook the role of House Captain, improving my leadership abilities as I learnt how to organize the class, as well as motivating classmates. These skills would be easily transferable to a business surrounding.

Marketing therefore, is not only the designing of an advertisement, rather the very foundation of every business. I aim to develop my skills extensively within studying depths of Marketing at an undergraduate level, as I desire to widen my knowledge progressing into a career in marketing and business development. I hope in the future, you will be able to ask somebody of a business developed by myself, with the upmost certainty of knowing it, eventually leaving behind as a legacy.

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