PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Psychology Personal Statement

Submitted by Chloe

Psychology Personal Statement

Submitted by Chloe

The dynamics of psychology affect our everyday lives and behaviour which is why I have become drawn towards it. Although we are all made of similar basic genetics, why are people so different from one another? This question is what drives me to studying psychology and using each different aspect, whether it be social, cognitive or biological, to help answer my question.

During my time at college, I have become progressively ambitious about the way the human mind works through my study of psychology. I have grown to understand the scientific basis of the subject and become very intrigued with past psychological studies as well as carrying out my own. For example, Milgram’s famous study of obedience to authority figures fascinated me due to the shocking results of what well-educated individuals were capable of doing under moral strain. I am particularly fascinated by the way the criminal mind functions and what drives people to commit atrocities such as genocide. Due to this, I am considering a future career which involves criminal psychology, however as I am passionate about all areas of psychology, I believe higher education will help me find the most suitable path for myself.

During my study of law, I have looked at many aspects of both criminal and tort law but was primarily fascinated by the criminal aspects. In particular, looking into the past developments of the law over time. For example, the process of including defences for psychological issues that the defendant may be suffering from, as this hasn’t always been considered. Also by looking at how further laws might need to be eradicated to become fairer for society, my analytical skills have been improved. Furthermore, as law requires me to write essays to a high academic level I have become successful in doing so through spending a majority of my free study time practising this in the library.

Within sociology, we’ve looked at many different beliefs within society and how they explain aspects of human behaviour and interactions. Sociology will help me with my study of psychology as they go hand in hand as the scientific study of people, helping to understand the dynamics of emotions, relationships and behaviours. Additionally, many theories and studies overlap between the two subjects such as the self-fulfilling prophecy and it’s effect on human behaviour.

For my second year of college, I have begun an OCSL sign language course which I will be qualified in before university starts. I have always enjoyed learning new languages as it provides an opportunity to communicate with more people around the world. As a result of studying sign language, my communication skills will be broadened as I will be able to communicate with not only people whom are hard of hearing but those who are unable to speak English but can sign, this will aid me not only in life but also in a career as a psychologist when speaking to a wider range of clients.

Outside of my studies, I have become thoroughly intrigued in documentaries into the criminal mind as well as fictional programmes or books of the same nature e.g., the ‘Snapped’ TV series which follows American murderers and tries to explain what drove them to commit their crimes, particularly women or couples who kill. Also, ‘Witness for the Defense’ by the forensic psychologist Elizabeth Loftus, examines the human mind and how memory can implicate eye witness testimonies, leading to implications for the criminal justice system. This has added to my knowledge of psychology as well as providing an advantage in essays and debates and will continue to do so.

Overall, I am an ideal candidate to study BSc Psychology because I am not only enthusiastic about the subject but also curious to find out more about how the human mind works and affects our behaviour. I firmly believe that higher education will provide the opportunities to gain the professional experience and knowledge needed for a future career in the field of psychology.

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