PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Psychology Personal Statement

Submitted by Gianna

Psychology Personal Statement

Submitted by Gianna

Freud’s Psychosexual Stages and the correlation between childhood activities and adult behaviour is what first interested me in having a degree in Psychology. The connection between psychosexual and psychological development and the later adult behaviour fascinates and intrigues me. Psychology offers a plethora of answers, never identifying just one theory of causality. The never-ending evidence to provide a scientific discourse for understanding human functioning is one of the reasons that propels my passion for this discipline. Psychology provides an insight into why things happen inside our brains and bodies, whether that is down to socialisation or something internal like mental illness. I am excited by the prospect of engaging with Psychology as a discipline and learning new ideas.

Exploring ‘Why criminals commit crime?’ A question that offers so many answers, from social learning theory to biology, exploring genetic factors and concepts proposed by Bandura.

Studying Psychology and other A-Levels has taught me skills including how to think analytically and enabled a critical mind set when exploring research. I am able to make synoptic links within a situation, for example if a child has a phobia, I can link this to an attachment stage in early childhood. I am also very confident using a variety of statistical analysis from Man Whitney U to T-Tests.

Sociology has helped me understand the way society works and see a broader context in which to define the individual than in simple psychological terms. Sociology provides a lens and strengthens my consideration of social influence and social learning theory through issues such as mental health that can be considered in respect to inequality in society. Being a Dance student also opens your mind into ways of thinking and what someone is trying to express through a piece, it fascinates me into thinking and realising what they are trying to express.

In a mentoring scheme at my school, set up to help the younger students who are going through a stressful time, it was my role to listen and advise the mentees with regards to their situation. I’ve volunteered in a special needs school helping the students with their work, I would observe the different ways the teacher would teach their students and compare the difference to a mainstream school that I am used to.

My wider interests include musical theatre and theatre productions in addition the reasons why criminals behave the way they do. I am also interested in fashion and clothes. I feel as though my variety of interests have shaped me into being well rounded and will therefore enable to me enter a variety of societies in university. To enhance my interests, I engage in wider reading, such as Ted Bundy’s case, and attend lots of performances to stimulate my interests.

Achievements I’m proud of include my participation in the ‘Mock Magistrate’s Court’. We participated in a mock trial in a real court house which resulted in us entering a competition with other schools. We spent time as a team and presenting it to real magistrates. Every year I have participated in all of the school musicals and dance shows. Teachers have given me more responsibility to help and play larger roles in the show. This has helped me develop skills in leadership and team work.

I spent a week at the magistrate’s court doing work experience. Where I had the opportunity to sit in real court cases just watching. When I turned sixteen I got a part time job. For the last year I have been employed by Fossil. I have learnt how to work under pressure within a restricted environment and being part of a team which has helped me learn how to deal with difficult situations handling them maturely and professionally.

Overall, I am hoping that at university it will teach me the skills and knowledge that I need to participate in life and in a professional job successfully and to contribute to society.

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