PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Criminology and Psychology Personal Statement

Criminology and Psychology Personal Statement

Little interests me more than trying to unwind the endless enigma of the human mind; why people do what they do and how the behaviour of others can be predicted and interpreted. Unknown to many, psychology plays a major part in everyone’s life, from trying to understand the strange man on the bus to an impromptu counselling session with a heartbroken friend. It is for this reason that I am certain of my need to further my fascination for Psychology.

I am compelled to analyse people, how they think and how thought turns to action. I believe that Psychology is indispensable in today’s society, and personally, I want to be at the centre of things. In studying Health and Social Care, excelling in psychology and sociology modules, I have developed my keen interest and solidified my long term career goals in this area. I believe strongly in the importance of such studies and ultimately I wish to reach a point where I may use my acquired knowledge for the good of others.

My French studies have also aided me in developing my sensitivity to language and my ability to communicate effectively, attributes which should benefit me greatly in my chosen course. I also believe that the analytical skills developed through studying History will support the rigours of tertiary education. I am confident that I already possess qualities universities require to produce work of an impressive standard. I am focussed, hard-working and most importantly, I believe my genuine interest and passion for this subject will push me to persevere in my studies.

During my time at Dalriada I have served as Form Captain for three years, proving my leadership capabilities. Additionally, I am a member of Ballymoney Council for Road Safety and attend monthly meetings with various councillors from the town; improving my ability to participate as part of a group and giving me the chance to hold a prestigious role in the town which I take great pride in. During my time on the council I have been involved in arranging road safety events, helping locals with problems and running awareness events, demonstrating my organisational skills. Road safety is an issue close to my heart and I am appreciative of having had the opportunity to step up and improve my community.

Being a devoted Samaritans volunteer, I have become heavily involved in the organisation through both fundraising and awareness, along with widening my perspective of psychology. Additionally, having the opportunity to partake in the Listener Scheme within Magilligan Prison, training prisoners to become Samaritans to others at risk within the prison has allowed me to begin to understand the men, all of whom had very different backgrounds, stories and convictions. I have also dedicated time to World Aid Group events within school.

My leisure interests are a substantial part of my life and enable me to sustain a healthy work-life balance. Being a keen member of the Northern Ireland Volleyball Squad for several years, I earned my first international caps at the age of 15, which I am very proud of. I also play for my school and town teams, competing in several different leagues and competitions each year, developing my self-confidence and ability to cope both physically and mentally with stressful situations.

During my week’s work experience with a solicitor, assisting in a high court case, I fuelled my ever-developing interest in the criminal justice service. However, I am much more interested in determining why the perpetrator committed the act rather than whether or not they did in fact perform it. My time spent with the solicitors and barristers also gave me a healthy insight into the working world, particularly the criminal justice service.

I believe that my strong enthusiasm for psychological research and my ambition to understand the thoughts and behaviour of others will ultimately fuel my determination to be the best Psychologist I can be.

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