PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Religion and Theology Personal Statement

Submitted by Emily

Religion and Theology Personal Statement

Submitted by Emily

Studying religion has made me question contemporary Britain and the religious influences that have formed our society over thousands of years. This is what draws me to reading Religion: the way in which it explores different religious beliefs, theories and the effect it has on billons of people’s lives even if a person is Atheist, Christian, Muslim or part of another faith. Studying Religion at university will enable me to become closer to reaching my career of choice as a teacher, whilst widening my knowledge on film and screen theory.

Throughout my studies of Philosophy and Ethics I have developed a deeper understanding of what morality is and the philosophical side of Christianity. I wish to widen my knowledge and have a deeper understanding of other faiths and the philosophies that run throughout religions. To add to my knowledge of Religion I regularly watch documentaries on topics questioning the belief in deity, how religions were formed and famous religious figures. I have watched a documentary called ‘Who is Jesus’. This documentary proclaimed the history of a man called Jesus and discussed the possibility of him being the son of God. The documentary enabled me to understand the stories of Jesus from the Bible and the major influence He had on society during His lifetime. I have also read 'The puzzle of Christianity ' by Peter Vardy. This book discusses the history of Christianity, from before its creation to Christianity today. Throughout this book Vardy links the way in which Christianity, Islam and Judaism are similar within their creations. Reading this has made me aspire to explore all religions in depth and understand how they were formed.

What draws me to Film Studies is how this medium has had a major impact on society in the past through to modern society. Throughout studying media I explored the genre of thriller. Doing so has made me explore different directors within this genre in depth. Exploring the works of Hitchcock has enabled me to analyse the way in which films are made and have a greater understanding of Film Noir and French New Wave. Within this A Level I created a short film called 'The Ornithologist'. This film follows a vulnerable teenage girl struggling with paranoia. Creating this film further developed my interest in film making and has enabled me to take inspiration from other directors such as Stanley Kubrick. Studying Film Studies alongside Religion at degree level will enable me to explore and acknowledge themes such as race, sexuality and gender within films and correlate them back to religious beliefs.

In addition to my academic studies I currently have a lead role in my sixth form's production of ‘Grease’. My role as 'Marty' has allowed me to gain more confidence and work well within a large group. It has also introduced me to musical theatre. On the weekends I work at the clothing store Animal. Working in retail has facilitated me to develop my skills in effective time keeping and team working, and has also allowed me to work with people who have different religious and cultural beliefs.

In Sicily I visited the Cave Church of St Nicholas the inferior and the Church of San Pietro. Visiting these landmarks highlighted the significance of worship and the role Christ has on millions of people’s lives. This has made me aspire to travel to see significant religious landmarks and widen my religious understanding within diverse, multi-faith societies.

Reading allows me to immerse myself into new worlds and explore ethical topics in society. For example, I read 'Holy Cow' by David Duchovny. This novel explores the treatment of animals within factory farming and questions the level of morality held towards animals. The book emphasises my ethical beliefs towards animals. For three years I have been a vegetarian. This decision was made because of my commitment towards animal rights and the way in which I believe animals should be treated.

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