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Uni Compare  · Dec 5th 2023

Loyalty cards and sign ups can seem annoying when shopping or browsing the internet, and it may feel like your purse is full enough, but when it comes to being a student, saving money is extremely important and can save you a few quid!


While loyalty cards can come in useful at university, student discounts are quickly becoming the thing that everyone wants, whether that be a reduction in our Netflix subscription or just a way to experience Apple Music or Spotify for free, student benefits and discounts are a huge part of the university experience.

Many places offer them, they aren’t just unique to online stores. You will see more and more companies looking to offer a student some discounts, whether they be general student card discounts or general promotional offers, students are always encouraged to find a bargain.

Loyalty cards and discounts to save students money

What discounts can I get as a student?

There are so many different places that offer various discounts for students, many of which can be found on the high street.

These companies will accept your TOTUM Card as well, which is an added bonus for those that are out and about in your local city. Some student unions will also partner up with local clubs or businesses to get you some nice college student discounts as well.

The following brands offer some really great student discounts:

  • ASOS: You will get a 10% discount, although there are occasionally 25% discounts available too.
  • New Look: 10% discount all year-round.
  • Urban Outfitters: 10% discount, available all year-round.

The discounts don't stop there though!

These are the best student discounts for entertainment or media:

  • ODEON: Odeon Cinemas offer students a 25% discount with a TOTUM Card on Monday to Thursday.
  • Spotify: Half price membership for students.
  • Apple Music: Half price membership and three-month free trial. This is pretty significant because there aren’t usually Apple student discounts this good.

These retailers have a great connection to university students and have a number of great seasonal discounts that they will offer as well.

Local restaurants and cafes will likely have student discounts as they will have already been contacted by your student union, so you can try there.

Where to get student discounts?

You can find most student discounts in your university’s student union, but the thing to do is scope out the local area.

If you are living in a city, you can make your way in and find out what shops are offering student discounts and see what they have. If your city has a train station or a bus station, you can find some student travel discounts as well, such as a student railcard.

There will be plenty of stores with student discounts close by, so just pop in and find out what they have.

There are obviously online student discounts, which we mentioned above, so finding some online vouchers or discounts for students is a great way to buy equipment and other essentials. Who knows, you might even find some Amazon student discounts while you're at it.

Loyalty cards and discounts to save uni students money

Which restaurants give student discounts?

Local restaurants and cafes will likely have student discounts as they will have already been contacted by your student union, so you can try there. Supporting local businesses is a great thing to do anyway, but this can really stand you in good stead and who knows, you might even find yourself in with a shot at getting a job as well.

That being said, everyone loves a named brand, so here are a few companies that offer some food discounts for students:

These companies have a long and established relationship with most universities and with the National Union of Students, so your NUS Card will come in very handy here.

You will see more and more companies looking to offer a student some discounts.

Which gyms offer student discounts?

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle at university, you can do a lot worse than going to the gym!

Most universities will have gym facilities on campus, but some people prefer to go to the bigger gyms, whether that be to work with a trainer or to use the superior facilities.

Most gyms have recognised that students want to use them more often and also want to save money while they’re at university, so they’ve come up with some ingenious ways of saving money when at university and working out as well.

These are some of the best gyms with student discounts:

  • The Gym Group: The Gym Group have their own offers, which is exclusive for students, such as 6 months for £69.00.
  • Pure Gym: Pure Gym have select offers for certain students where they can allow 50% off for students in the first month, with the added incentive of not having to pay a joining fee. Students can also get a fixed-term student membership at 30%.
  • Xercise4Less: For students studying in Scotland or the North, Xercise4Less will be no small name to you, so you can keep an eye out for them too. Their membership is very cheap as it is, but a little more couldn’t hurt, could it?

These gyms will offer UK student discounts to everyone who needs them, so don’t worry, there are mature student discounts available too.

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