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BTEC Results Day 2024

Ben Maples  · Oct 3rd 2023  · 3 min

BTEC results day is finally here. Time to find out how you’ve done and to discover what your next steps are.


BTEC results day can be a stressful day for everyone. You are finally going to learn what has become of your years of hard work and can now take the next steps. Here, we have everything you need to know about receiving your BTEC results and what to do with them.

BTEC Results Day

When is BTEC results day?

The BTEC results day will depend on what level you studied. Your results may be released at different times depending on the school or college you attend. BTEC results day for 2023 is Thursday 17th August 2023.

The dates may also vary if your course was primarily coursework-based or exam-based. Some results are often released at the end of July, before A-Level results day and will largely depend on how your BTEC was studied.

What is the grading system for BTECs?

BTECs all have the same grading criteria. However, some BTECs, such as a BTEC National, will have as many as three grades for the course.

You are able to resit an external assessment once.

The grading criteria is:

  • Distinction* (D*) which is the equivalent of a A* at A-Level.
  • Distinction (D) which is the equivalent of a A at A-Level.
  • Merit (M) which is the equivalent of a C A-Level.
  • Pass (P) which is the equivalent of an E at A-Level.
  • Near pass (N) which is mainly available for BTEC Nationals. This means that you will pass the overall course, but not each individual unit.

These grades are worked out on a points system. Each unit in a module will earn you a set number of points, at the end, your points total is added up and that forms your final grade.

BTEC Results Day 2023

What time are BTEC results released?

The times tend to vary depending on where you are studying. Generally, most results are out by 09:00am.

Your delivery method may also depend on where you are studying too. Results may be delivered by email, post or may even be posted on ResultsPlus direct


What do I do if I don’t get the results I wanted?

All is not lost! You have a number of options open to you. You can re-take your course, or ask if you can re-take specific modules to improve your score, though this will depend on the school or college, and whether they allow this.

The other option is Clearing. Clearing is a chance for you to explore new options for your next steps at university.

How will students get their BTEC results?

This will largely depend on your college. Some colleges will ask you to pick your results up in person, while other colleges may email them to you or ask you to find them on an intranet portal.

Your college will let you know how you will receive your results at some point. If you feel you are still in the dark on this, then it is best to ask your college or tutor what the protocol will be on BTEC results day.

The BTEC results day will depend on what level you studied.

What if your BTEC results are higher than the entry requirements for your university course?

This is a good thing. This means that you can keep other university courses open as an option, although you can still attend the university you have down as your firm choice.

Previously, this was a process known as UCAS Adjustment. However, UCAS has since scrapped Adjustment and made it part of the initial Clearing process. Clearing is when students who have achieved different grades than those predicted apply for other courses.

BTEC Results Day 2024

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Can I resit my BTEC?

You are able to resit an external assessment once. Paper-based assessments will need to wait until the next exam cycle period before you can resit them.

Resits will also depend on your college and what you are studying. How your BTEC was assessed is another important aspect to consider, especially as most of those that are coursework-based will need to have entire modules re-done.

What if I don't agree with my BTEC Result?

You do have the right to appeal your grade. The awarding body for your qualification will have the appeal process laid out, so you will need to apply through your college.

This will largely depend on your college.

Some bodies may have a limit on appeals. This is generally to stop people from appealing their grade as many times as possible until they get the best grade. Most will allow you to appeal the grade at least once.

Can I still attend university with a BTEC?

Yes, you can. Your BTEC will be converted into a points score through the UCAS tariff points and, providing you have enough points, you can still attend university.

Not all universities will accept a BTEC. These very rare and is generally only a policy that specialist universities will have or those where the entry requirements are much higher. Lots of Russell Group Universities allow students to apply with a BTEC.

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