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When is AS-Level Results Day 2024?

Ben Maples  · May 17th 2024  · 4 min

Results Days are always a nerve-wracking experience. To calm your nerves, let’s walk you through all you need to know about AS-Level Results Day.


Here, we’ll help you through the essential steps for AS-Level Results Day. We’ll take a look at whether you can retake your exams and when you'll be getting your results.

AS-level Results Day

When is AS-Level Results Day 2024?

AS-Level Results Day is Thursday, August 15th, 2024 — the same as A-Level Results Day and BTEC Results Day!

When do AS-Level results come out?

Results are usually released at 08:15.

How do I get my AS-Level results?

You can access your results online. You'll find your AS-Level results by checking out the portal login for the exam board you sat the test with. For example, if your exam was sat with Cambridge International Education, then you'll be given a portal ID and password to access your results.

You'll get your actual physical certificates from your school or college. You won't be able to get these online.

If you need certificate replacements, then you can get these via the government website.

AS-level Results Day at school

How are AS Levels graded?

Your AS-Levels are graded from A through to E. A is the highest grade, with E being the lowest. AS-Level exams are at the same standard as regular A-Levels, although they only cover about half of the course content. Each grade has the equivalent UCAS points, which can be used towards your UCAS application.

Can I re-take my AS exams?

You can re-take your AS-Level exams in either the following January or June.

It's best to speak to your tutors and teachers first, as re-sitting the exam might not be necessary. Re-taking exams will take up a large portion of your time and given how difficult A-Levels are, you may be stretching yourself thin with an unnecessary re-sit.

Do my AS-Level results count towards my final A-Level grade?

If you're going to be studying the subject at A-Level, then your AS-Level grade won’t count towards your final grade, although it could be used to predict your final grades at A-Level.

If you're dropping the subject after AS-Level, then this will be your final grade for the subject.

AS-level Results Day at college

Do my AS-Level results actually matter?

Yes, they do! Even if you drop the subject and never touch it again, the grade you received could still be very important.

As this is a recognised formal qualification, it still counts towards your UCAS tariff points when it comes to applying for university. AS-Levels are worth 40% of an A-Level and those points could be all the difference.

So, for example, an A grade at A-Level is worth 48 UCAS points, an A at AS-Level would be worth 20 points. Those 20 points could be the difference between getting into your chosen university or missing out.

What do I need to do before AS-Level Results Day?

Make sure you’re at your best on Results Day. This is a big day so you need to make sure you're prepared and firing on all cylinders! Make sure your phone’s charged and that you're ready for the potential outcomes.

AS-level Results Day for students

Be familiar with the re-sit procedure

If you know that you want to re-sit the exams if you don’t get the grades you want, then make sure you know what to do next. The school or college might refer you to the exam board for instructions on re-sits, so look up the re-sit criteria for the exam board too.

Get plenty of sleep

Make sure you're well-rested. Get to bed at a reasonable time and don’t stay up too late. You want to make sure you’re at your best in the morning and, regardless of how you do; AS-Level Results Day is always hectic and can be quite stressful, so make sure you're giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

Eat breakfast

You’d be surprised how many people skip breakfast on Results Day. It’s understandable, people often feel anxious, nervous or worried on a big day like this, but its important you keep your blood sugars up and aren’t trying to tackle any problems on an empty stomach. Even a piece of toast can be the difference maker.

Heat and lack of food is a dangerous combination, especially in high-pressured situations. Fuel your body, and fuel your soul!

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