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Year 10 Work Experience

Ben Maples  · Oct 5th 2020

Year 10 is hard enough as it is. You’re leaving Key Stage 3 and entering Key Stage 4 and you’re having to start thinking about the next step in your educational journey, what will you be doing next?


As well as having to adapt to Key Stage 4 and choosing your GCSE subjects or even looking at GCSE revision with past GCSE exam papers, you’ll now have to look into the possibilities of work experience year 10 as well.

We’ll talk you through the difficulties of year 10 work experience and try and give you some work experience ideas for year 10.

Year 10 work experience

What is work experience year 10?

So what are work experience placements year 10? Well, work experience is a chance for you to get out and explore the world of work and gain some invaluable experience seeing the world of work. Whether this be working in an office or working practically, you will have a wide range of places for you to check out for your work year 10 work experience placements.

How to apply for work experience year 10?

Well, first of all, do you have any year 10 work experience ideas in mind? If you know where you want to work or what sector you'd like to work in, then you can start making enquiries. You will need to speak to the companies that you want to work for and see if they are looking for any additional help from students.

For those without any work experience ideas year 10, we recommend you think about what you're passionate about, think about the things you want to do. If you want to become a Paramedic, or are looking to study any nursing courses, then you will want to look into hospital work experience or work experience year 10 nhs, although you will have to apply via the NHS Authorities and Trust website, as the NHS has to put all candidates through a screening process.

Where to do work experience year 10

So whereabouts can you do your work experience year 10 placements? This is down to you and what you want to do. Some companies or sectors might have restrictions for students looking for a work experience placement, for instance, engineering work experience year 10 might be a little difficult for you to find, as there many health and safety regulations in place.

Speak to your school and see what they can do to help you out with your work experience placements. They will be able to help you out with organising the placement and with speaking to the correct people, they will also be able to help you with the logistics involved with a work experience placement.

When is work experience for year 10?

This will depend on the work placement scheme that your school runs. Most of these placements will take place towards the end of the school year, however, plenty of schools run these in the winter half-term, so as not to impact too much on your studies.

How to write a CV for year 10 work experience?

Yes, unfortunately, you will need a CV for work experience year 10. However, unlike normal CVs, you will have the advantage of being able to speak about your passions and your skills in far more detail. Writing a student CV is a crucial part of most school’s Citizenship classes at school, but using a work experience CV template will yield the best results.

You’ll need to include all of your school information and your key skills. Speak about what makes you passionate for the role, what you feel you're good at, what you can bring to the role and why this company should hire you.

Also, don’t forget those all important contact details, how else are they going to tell you that you’ve got the job!?

Work experience

How to write a work experience letter year 10

Not all companies will ask for students to send in a cover letter, but if you want to work for a professional company or one that has a big reputation, you will need to send a covering letter.

Your work experience letter template year 10 should tell the company why you are interested in the role, your passion for the industry and your ambitions for when you leave school. A cover letter is essentially a chance for you to show everyone that you are positively giddy to work for this company and everything they do.

What to wear for work experience year 10

This will depend on what the job is, for those looking at bank work experience, will need to wear professional business attire. A suit and tie will be best suited for men, for women, a skirt, work blouse and jacket will be sufficient.

For those working in manual labour jobs or working in an industrial environment, will need to wear sensible clothing for the job, steel toe-capped boots and adaptable trousers will be best.

The best thing for you to do is to speak to the employer before you begin work and see what is expected of you.

How long is work experience year 10?

Work experience is usually two weeks. Some schools or colleges may run the scheme for longer, but it is usually around two weeks. This will depend on when your school’s work experience will be run, if it is run towards the end of the school year (which these schemes often are) then it will most likely run for two weeks, so as to make the most of the school half-term.

It is best to speak to your school about this before you organise your work experience placement.

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