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Year 12 Work Experience

Ben Maples  · Oct 7th 2020

Every year twelver has to look into work experience at some point. Here you can learn more about the industry you want to work in and how you can make it work for you and maybe even get some year 12 work experience ideas as well!


Work experience is a vital part of every learning experience, and is an important to start in any career, whether it be that your researching on how to become a journalist via a bunch of Journalism courses, which means, there is one thing you’ll need, and that’s work experience.

Year 12 work experience

What is work experience?

Work experience is a period of time taken out of your studies to experience the world of work. During your school years, work experience usually lasts around a week, however, as you get older, these period are usually longer and will cover a wider range of topics. It’s also likely that you will be tasked with higher priority tasks.

How to write a CV for work experience year 12

Writing a student CV isn’t an easy thing to do, but luckily, you’re applying for work experience, rather than an actual job! What’s the difference? Well, applying for a job means having to list your responsibilities and experiences with other companies, you also need to list your key skills.

Writing a CV for your future work experience is a piece of writing that will you to provide a list of key skills that make you right for the role, one of the main things you need to include, is why you should be allowed to take your work experience at the company you’re applying to. Why are you interested in this, what can you bring to the role, what are your passions and what are your future job plans?

How to find work experience year 12

When searching for work experience, think what you’re doing, where you’re looking to study and who is looking for office temps. If you’re looking to do a Law work experience year 12, then you need to find Solicitors or law firms that are looking for people to come and help them.

That being said, year 12 work experience will also depend on how much time is given to you by your school, college or university as well. As year 12 is part of the sixth form, you are likely to be given a little more time off than others but you still need to make sure that whatever work experience ideas year 12 you have are consistent with what you are studying as well. There’s no sense looking at Nursing work experience if you’re training to become a Marketing Manager or if you’re looking to study Mathematics courses.

Work experience year 12

Where to do work experience year 12

There is no unified place to look for year 12 work experience. If you’re looking for Engineering work experience year 12, then you’ll need to look for an Engineering company that is currently looking for help right now. All of your work experience experiences will often involve a lot of hard work, not just when you’re there, but also when you're actually looking for them as well, especially since many companies are often tough to get hold of.

Is work experience paid?

This isn't really a one-size-fits-all kind of answer, as it very much depends on the company that you're working for at the time. If you're looking for business work experience, then you will need to speak to the HR team or to the business owner and see if they will pay you for the work you do.

Most work experience is unpaid, this it not uncommon for businesses to reward you in other ways. While you might not receive monetary payment, companies have been known to hand over other little treats or presents to reward students for a job well done, although there are also plenty of paid work experience year 12 placements as well.

How to get work experience year 12

As we said above, there isn’t a unified system for selecting work experience placements. In your earlier years at school, you might have been introduced to the world of work experience by using the placements that your school sorted out for you, but with year 12 work experience, you will need to look into these yourself.

There may be some restrictions on work experience for students, for instance, those looking for architecture work experience year 12 or are looking for chemical engineering work experience, might find it difficult, as there are various safety implications with those jobs, even those studying Chemical Engineering courses or Architecture courses may find it difficult.

If you were looking for law firm work experience year 12 or for Accounting work experience year 12 or even Finance work experience, then you will find it a little easier to apply for, as the jobs are office-based.

You will be able to find work experience by speaking to local businesses. Speak to local companies (preferably those that are connected to the world of study that you are looking into) and see if they will take you on. This will give you a great chance to build up contacts in the industry as well!

Work experience

How to apply for work experience year 12

Applying for year 12 work experience is fairly straightforward. Speaking to companies and asking if you can come and work for a few days at the company’s offices is pretty much one of the only routes open to you. Once you have approval for the company, make sure you correspond this with any time you may have off work, whether this be half-term or this be with allotted time off school, allowed by your school.

For those that are looking for things like NHS work experience year 12, you will need to go through the NHS Authorities and Trust website, since the NHS has to vet all potential candidates through their screening processes.

Try and think outside the box as well, for instance, those looking for an IT work experience placement will be able to apply at a number of different companies, not just IT firms in the area. You will be able to apply all over, same with those looking for an Economics work experience year 12 placement.

Is year 12 work experience mandatory?

This will depend on your school and your sixth form requirements. Many colleges and sixth forms will have a designated period of time set aside for those looking to take on a work placement.

While work experience might not always be completely mandatory for students, it still a great chance for you to get a sense of the working world, a great chance to meet new people, build connections and also to learn about the industry, so we thoroughly recommend that you take full advantage of work experience placements for year 12 students.

How long is year 12 work experience?

This again depends on your school and college requirements, for some, the placement can be a week, for others it is two weeks and for others, it's for as long as you can organise it for.

The best thing for you to do, is to check with your school or college what their work placement periods are for students.

Does year 12 work experience affect my visa?

This will depend on what visa you are in the UK on. For those on a Tier 4 Student Visa, you are granted the right to complete any work experience you have, although a Tier 4 visa is usually used for students that are looking to study a PhD. For students that are studying in the UK, a Tier 5 Visa will allow you to remain in the UK for work experience related to your course for up to 12 months.

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