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Customer Service Manager

Ben Maples  · Sep 11th 2020

Do people say you have a way with people with excellent communication skills?

Someone dialling a number on a work telephone.

Now, we hope you said yes because the customer service manager role sounds like the perfect ticket! It’s a significant role that is highly rewarding and is best suited for anyone with people skills. Take a look at our career guide below for more information.

Customer Service Manager Career Guide

What is a customer service assistant?

The customer is always right, right? Well, that’s what we’ve heard! A customer care manager is an individual who focuses on customer-driven targets, provide excellent service and manages teams. Their main goal is to promote exceptional services and products for the company.

A customer support manager will ensure standards are met, manage the team and find ways to improve services. They can work at various levels, from being the first person someone sees when they enter a business to being based in head office. They’ll find ways to analyse customer satisfaction rates, develop policies and implement customer service improvements in a company. A customer services manager is also known for handling enquiries from customers, either on the phone, email, online or face-to-face.

Let’s look closer at the customer services manager job description, shall we? We can see that there are various customer service job titles to start, from customer relationships manager and corporate services manager to customer operations manager to customer care manager. There may be job vacancies out there with any of these terms, but essentially they’ll cover the same responsibilities. Also, the customer care job description involves understanding what customers need and exceeding their expectations.

Now we have taken an in-depth look at the customer support job description; we understand the role and their responsibilities.

What does a customer service assistant do?

What are the duties and responsibilities of a customer service assistant? It’s easy to sweep past the duties of a CS manager, but their tasks are vital to organisations who work with the general public or commercial businesses. The type of work included in a customer service profile will differ depending on where you work, the size of the company and how many people you manage, but individual customer service requirements are the same across the board.

Initially, providing support and help regarding products and services, either via letter, phone, email, or face-to-face, is the most essential. Moving on, communicating politely, efficiently and swiftly is just as crucial while investigating a problem. In some cases, you may come across an issue that is complex, long-standing or with a significant client, so always ensure the customer feels important.

A customer manager will liaise with customers through complaints, incidents, for general enquiries or during security or emergency. They may need to issue compensation, exchanges or refunds, or offer more services at a discount. Under the customer service assistant job description, we find that analysing data, statistics, and reports part of the role, which allows them to see feedback on the service.

Customer Service Manager Career

Also, keeping accurate records of correspondence and communication with customers is vital, as it’ll offer a clear pathway of who and when has spoken to them. Next, customer service responsibilities involve improving procedures, writing reports, updating policies and ensuring standards at always exceptional. Communication is not the only aspect of the job; customer service tasks also extend to writing information packages and software for customers to use as well as developing complaints and feedback forms which are accessible.

If you are the head of the customer service department, you’re more likely to meet with other managers, recruit staff, train employees, and conduct appraisals and performance reviews when appropriate. The customer service roles and responsibilities revolve around leading a team of staff that deliver high standards of customer service at all times.

You’ll need to know your company’s services or products inside and out, keep up to date with developments and changes and be aware of previous items. The customer service team leader job description also explains how to keep ahead of the curve in terms of developments within the sector, attending customer service courses and offering regular training as essential.

A customer care manager is an individual who focuses on customer-driven targets, provide excellent service and manages teams.

What qualifications do you need for customer service?

If you want to be a customer relations manager, you can enter the career with a degree or HND in marketing, business studies, management studies or consumer studies. Some organisations seek employees who have worked in a particular sector like hospitality or retail. In contrast, others may employ individuals who can showcase a specific set of skills.

You can be in this role without a customer service professional qualification and work your way up from the bottom with just exceptional experience on your CV. ICS (Institute of Customer Service) offer courses if you do want to enhance your skillset. A postgraduate degree is also not essential.

What is it like working as a customer operations manager?

A service manager role is usually based in an office or at a desk in a public area. It’s not a role found at home, but internet and phone communication remotely may be an option. Those within business studies and customer service can be found in any part of the UK, predominantly urban areas and large cities.

Most organisations hire a customer service team when they have a customer or a commercial client base. You’ll need to be smartly dressed, polite and prompt at all times. Customer service roles require you to be calm, professional, fair and responsible at all times, even when dealing with angry or upset individuals.

Customer Service Manager

What skills for customer assistant roles are common?

Now we have taken an in-depth look at the customer support job description; we understand the role and their responsibilities. Next, we need to look at customer assistant skills that are essential to the position. Communication, listening, and problem-solving skills are vital, as well as organisation, time management and motivational skills.

A customer advisor will be able to understand what customers need to advise them what you can do in terms of support. Also, a client service manager will lead a team of assistants, deal with difficult situations and be able to work well under pressure. Being creative, committed to improving service skills and havi=ng ideas when it comes to procedures is also an advantage. Lastly, a customer representative will likely be excellent at dealing with customers face-to-face and be patient and diplomatic in all situations.

What is the average customer service manager salary?

A services manager in a trainee position will earn between £20,000 and £25,000 to start with, before earning around £30,000 with experience. A customer relationship manager salary can be up to £60,000 after several years of experience or in charge of a large department. In some cases, for big corporations, you could see earnings be more than £60,000.

Some organisations seek employees who have worked in a particular sector like hospitality or retail.

What are the prospects for the customer service career path?

You can find work in transport, insurance and logistics firms, retail companies, government and education institutions. Additionally, vacancies can also be within health providers, utility companies, telecommunications and banks. The leisure and tourism industry is also a large employer of customer service managers. So you have the job but now wonder what account manager prospects are?

Progression can depend on the company you work for; you may need to undertake management training or gain particular experience like leading a team. After, you can move up the levels, from the team leader or supervisor to various management positions. There is no definite time where this happens, and it can vary between companies.

If you want more responsibility but it's not happening in your current role you can move between companies and apply for positions in large organisations. Some people turn to train customer assistants or to become an assessor of qualifications. This type of job does open doors to the broader management career, especially with individuals who have relevant degrees by keeping up to date with the latest customer service procedures, skills and training, progression opportunities are endless.

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