PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLES Anthropology personal statements

Discover personal statement examples written by students accepted onto anthropology and related courses. Read through the examples to help shape your own personal statement.

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Anthropology Personal Statement Advice

A personal statement is the most important part of any university application. Your grades in your GCSEs or A Levels are obviously important, but what really nails down a place at university is your personal statement. An Anthropology personal statement is the chance to set yourself apart from the other students who will be applying for the course. You should check out some previous Anthropology personal statement examples before you begin work. See what other students have done before and see what they have said about themselves. An Anthropology personal statement should be treated as a chance to speak about the subject you know the most Talk about your passions, your love of the subject, anything that might seem relevant. When writing any personal statement, it's best to speak about the things that best define you. A bit of bragging is always appreciated, but it’s best to look at the passions and interests you have, speak about how much you enjoy the subject and what experiences you have in this area. Do you have any work experience in this sector? What prompted you to take up such a keen interest in Anthropology? What extracurricular activities have you taken up related to Anthropology? All of these are essential cogs in the machine and every university course leader will want to know about them, so make sure you mentioned these as much as possible.

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