PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Human Rights and Criminology

Submitted by Nadiya

Human Rights and Criminology

Submitted by Nadiya

I am applying to study Law and International Relations at your University because I am currently enrolled on an access course, which has given me a vivid picture of where I see myself in the next few years. I chose to study Law and International Relations at University because, I come from a country where laws and basic human rights are violated on a daily basis and where safety was, and still is a major concern.

Questioning right from wrong has always been something that intrigued me, and studying this course will further expand my knowledge. Studying psychology, sociology and English Literature as my chosen subjects this year, have helped me and my understanding of why I want to study Law and International Relations at University. Psychology and sociology have helped define my perception of the world, I have grasped the different scientific approaches, methodologies and theoretical ideas with greater understanding. The work of Sigmund Freud's “Psychodynamic approach”, Bowlby’s “Attachment Theory” and Emile Durkheim who discovered “Functionalism,” have given me a greater understanding of the foundation of social science. With my interest in both of the subjects, I have been able to grasp social issues in literature, which has influenced me to apply my knowledge in establishing a blog.

A year ago I started a blog where I share my views, experiences and opinions on current events. Throughout my blog, is where I develop the urge to make a difference and become an advocate for human rights, because of the unfairness I saw my parents experience in Kenya. However, not only was my understanding of the world naive, but I had an awakening when I moved to the United States of America. Only then did I realise the unfairness, inequality and the injustice of people, not only in Kenya but around the world. I would like to leave an everlasting effect by becoming a humanitarian as well as a immigration lawyer, because I understand the only reason people leave their homeland is for opportunities and to escape injustice, that resonates deeply with me. My family migrating to America when I was young really put things into perspective; I immediately noticed the opportunities, the importance of education and essential human right being respected in the US unlike in Kenya. For that reason is why I strive to someday make a difference in someone's life.

Reading “Unlocking Human Rights,” by Peter Halsted, where the importance of human rights is evaluated and outlined has furthermore sparked a passion in me. Additionally, I have undertaken work experience in areas of health and social care, education and mentoring fields. In my most recent work experience, which was at Lambeth Day Walk, a day care centre for adults with severe disabilities, I had the opportunity of working with people who had severe mental illness as well as physical disabilities, such as epilepsy, autism and learning disabilities. Gaining real life experience has provided a realistic perspective while helping me recognise my skills and qualities, which are my strengths in the ability to think critically under any circumstance, being professional, responsible and punctual. Throughout this experience I can not emphasise the importance of human rights enough.

Which leads to my hobbies and interests; I love reading and writing poetry, as well as spoken word. I enjoy doing yoga and staying fit. I currently work at Sainsbury’s which is something I enjoy; I am exposed to people from different backgrounds, I assist people from all sorts of nationalities which has enhanced my interpersonal skills and assertiveness. I strongly believe that the skills, qualities, experiences and knowledge that I have attained throughout my years of formal education, has made me an excellent candidate for the course. I understand that the course requires lots of prioritizing, deadlines and timekeeping, which I am well prepared for.

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