Submitted by Sophie


Submitted by Sophie

I’ve always had one goal in life, to help others and better the world. Although as a child I was never sure how I could do this. As I grew and went to school I quickly found that the sciences were my favourite subjects. I was always so amazed by how we knew so much about the smallest things in the world such as atoms and their sub particles - this always left me curious to discover more. I would constantly ask questions and when given the answer, question that too. However, coming from a younger naive self affected by the loss of loved ones, my questions became more difficult such as ‘why can’t we cure cancer?’.

I was always given answers which were never enough for me and didn't give me the knowledge I craved. From a young age these unsatisfactory answers and my curiosity led me to dive deeper into my studies. With the help of my father I was quickly learning more and more about current affairs in the science community. We would read New Scientist together and discuss topics such as black holes and DNA. Whilst I always enjoyed the school teaching where I learnt the proven facts; it was always the research that interested me most. Not knowing the answer, as frustrating as it is, has always been the thing that fueled my desire to learn more. Studying Biology and Chemistry at A Level keeps me curious, learning about the processes that shape the world we live in and make us who we are is something that continually keeps me wanting more.

After completing the Biochemistry module in my A Level course, I felt a passion growing; for every fact I learnt I only had more questions. It gets to the point where the teacher can no longer answer these questions - in fact nobody can. I found myself looping back to a constant array of unsatisfactory answers. The classroom is where I have found my desire in life, I want to face the complex questions we struggle to answer and provide the solution which right now may seem impossible. How better can I do this than by merging my goals and desires?

To enter a field of research, one in which I can aid in the search for cures and treatments to life-threatening diseases, I am able to quench my thirst for knowledge and help others in need. More specifically, I want to go into Breast Cancer Research. After seeing the damage it does to the world and the personal effect it has had on my family, I am passionate in putting all of my efforts into the eradication of the disease. This is why a Biochemistry course is a perfect fit for me. Not only will allow me to keep learning about a subject I’m so passionate about at a higher level, but it will open the door to a world I am so eager to enter. I’ve already started in my efforts as a member of the school’s charity committee; we continuously raise money towards multiple charities including Cancer Research and Macmillan. I also work alongside Legacy 4 Lucy and WhizzKidz in the preparation and execution of an annual charity ball. Last summer we raised £9000 and I’m hoping to surpass this figure at next year’s ball.

As I continue to be full of questions, I carry on taking my learning outside of the classroom, this is why I take such pleasure in my extracurricular courses completed through Future Learn. After learning about the rapid progression in cancer medications over the past 100 years, I am amazed that chemotherapy once involved toxic mustard gas, especially considering we are now on the brink of using monoclonal antibodies for targeted therapy. This reminds me that whilst the science community faces extreme difficulties in providing treatment without damaging healthy cells, there is a solution to the problem - even if it is yet to be found. I know that a future in research won't be an easy future, but that only motivates me more because my thirst for knowledge compels me to rise to the challenge.

I have learnt vital skills from many years’ participation in my schools debating societies, which have aided me throughout the difficult transition into A Level and which will continue to help me through future struggles. The perseverance I have is what makes me fit for the course. Once set on a goal, I am determined to achieve it which is why I know I am capable of succeeding in this Biochemistry course.

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Tailor your studies towards a career in research, innovation or healthcare with Swansea University's range of biomedical sciences degrees. Foundation Year, BSc and MSci available - there's a place for you at Swansea!

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