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Biomedical Science

Submitted by Cat

After seeing a lizard's tail move without its body, I began to notice what living things do naturally. Doing household experiments, such as pepper and dishwashing liquid experiment, and finding explanations became my special interest. I was drawn to Human Biology after extracting my DNA in a Biology class. I loved the long process of dropping alcohol into the mixture tube at the end as I learned to be patient and follow instructions. The more I study Biology, the more I find living things fascinating. My interest in how genes read their bases and how microbes function led me to read Biological Science news regularly, increasing my curiosity about viruses and whether they benefit us.

My interest in ethics in research increased when listening to "Editing Life" about the massive potential and challenges of the CRISPR technique. Advanced genetic techniques, such as germlines therapy and cloning, have profound potential but their ethical aspects must be considered before public application. The fact that the CRISPR technique is based on the bacterial immune system shows that treatments for human diseases must be based on understanding the complex mechanisms of the human body and microbes.

I have become more meticulous and accurate through experiments with cells, such as observing mitosis in root tips, when I had to cut the specimen gently to avoid cell damage. I find Maths very useful as I find more solutions when calculating. Maths is the common language of Biomedical Sciences and helps analyse microscopic samples. I gained a Bronze Certificate in Senior Mathematical Challenge 2016. Learning Chemistry feels like learning nature's language, as living things become unwell when they lose their equilibrium, showing Chemistry's strong link with Biology. I enjoy these challenging subjects, which require logical thinking and ability to link information.

I helped teachers design my school's notice board about staying safe online where I practised contributing my opinions and shared tasks with others. The content was updated monthly so my time management improved as I learned to prioritise tasks and be on time for meetings. I was eager to challenge myself by doing NCS, which involved doing the Paperclip Challenge. I started off a series of trades with a paperclip and added the funds I finally received to my school charity. Through NCS, I learned that good leaders work most efficiently to support and inspire others. My teamwork and communication skills were boosted significantly by working with people from different backgrounds in our social project, which aimed to reduce stigma and bring positive differences to homeless people. This developed my empathy and problem-solving skills. Last summer, tutoring a sensitive homeless boy in Literature and teaching him how to cope with bullying in project SUGAR, a Vietnamese Community Involvement Project, taught me to be respectful, patient, supportive and responsible for my job. I was proud, and even more motivated to help the community when students opened up to me and my work helped them value education.

I persuaded the Principal of Bellerbys Brighton to accept me on their A-Level programme, though I had not completed my final High School year in Vietnam. I have worked very hard to ensure I make A-level standard and am pleased with my results so far. Drawing portraits is my hobby. Noticing differences in human faces has made me appreciate everyone's unique beauty and developed my ability to identify details quickly. Drawing develops creativity and helps me engage with Science by trying different materials and arranging layouts. I am interested in stem cells, DNA, and their potential to improve life by eliminating mutations. I would like to do research on Master drug, a single drug that can cure most diseases by tackling what they have in common. I hope my interest in Biomedical Science will burgeon at University and be a firm foundation for postgraduate research or Medicine after graduation.

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