PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE BA Business Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Mohammed

BA Business Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Mohammed

My decision to apply for a course in Business is to facilitate my long-term career aim in Business Management. It originated when I started voluntary work at PDSA, over the course of two years I had the opportunity to gain the valuable experience of managing my team as well as providing manual work such as tagging, using the tills and offering good advice; all of which is needed within the business background. This influenced me to apply the skills that I had learnt in my business lessons. The skills developed helped to enhance my experience ensuring my involvement in managing my team was successful as I was able to help run the store efficiently.

The subjects I am studying in the Sixth Form have helped me gain the practical and hands-on experience required to succeed in the business field, this made me realise the effect of what university education would have on me both personally and in my future career. It will enable me to become independent and allow me to develop into a more creative and intelligent person. I developed the skills needed and used it to occupy myself independently when given the task; a range of skills such as excellent time management that I had as well as good communication skills which helped developed my knowledge in managing a disco event which I undertook and it gave me the confidence to work effectively in a business management role. Using the skills helped me keep the disco event running efficiently and shows that I can do whatever it takes to complete a task particularly when running or managing a group of people in business.

In addition to further my knowledge in finance and to apply my business knowledge to real life, I will be undertaking a work experience placement at Barclays. To be able to undertake the opportunity I took part in Barclays Life Skills where I gained 250 points which enabled me to increase my employability and CV writing skills which are of importance to secure a placement. When accomplishing this I will gain skills and knowledge by looking at real financial information as well as assisting customers who bank at Barclays. This helps me safeguard sensitive information which will help me keep my business as well as other businesses in the future safe. I have also developed my skills in enterprise, while taking part in the National Citizen Service challenge. Not only did it give me the valuable knowledge of business and management, but it gave me an insight into what university life would be like especially when visiting the business campus, it gave me a taste of into what the environment would be like experiencing the atmosphere and positive ethos of university life.

Being a member of the Marketing team for the National Citizen Service, I’ve learnt how to communicate with a large group of people as well as creating promotional material to promote the National Citizen Service. It allows me to become more creative-minded allowing me to become a problem solver which I will have to overcome in the future. I also take part in yearly competitions in swimming where I compete with other members. This gives me time to relax as well as take my mind off work and it also helps me to become competitive which is needed a lot in the future as the business sector is growing rapidly and I want to be the one who stands out.

I would personally be willing to devote myself to do the best work possible in order for me to qualify for a degree in Business. I have witnessed and acknowledged all the efforts required. I have previously visited lectures around the business area and have had a lot of advice on university life including when have visited various university open days. My determination to succeed has driven me towards a degree in business. I look forward to studying and developing my skills further at your university.

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