PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business and Management Personal Statement

Business and Management Personal Statement

I am applying to study a business degree, specialising in Human resource Management (HRM) because I have undertaken paid work since my 13th birthday and have not stopped, having fulfilled a number of roles, in a number of employment places. The world of business has always intrigued me; being given the opportunity to study Business Studies at A-level then confirmed my idea of pursuing a career in business. I am looking forward to learning from a wide range of modules the breadth of areas associated with running businesses such as ethics, entrepreneurship and business analysis. I have been interested in learning about leadership styles on my current Business course, as well as market segmentations, and finance. I love the way that numeracy, literacy and ICT skills are utilised in practice-based scenarios and problem-solving in the study of Business, preparing me for pursuing a successful career. I look forward to deepening my understanding of budgeting, project management, time-management and theoretical knowledge of organisations and the behaviour of those who inhabit them. I am keen to learn more about the legal and economic side of Business. Being absorbed in this wealth of learning will enable me to create my own brand in terms of employability, as I realise that businesses occupy economic, political and social spaces that interact in a complex web competitively, on the global stage.

My current studies have developed transferable knowledge and skills in preparation for further education. Sociology has contributed to my knowledge of issues around equal opportunities e.g. with sexism, racism and ageism in the workplace. Sociological knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods has provided me with grounding in conducting e.g. training needs analyses and employee feedback research. I am able to critically analyse evidence, assess the reliability and validity of data and draw trustworthy conclusions. English Literature has equipped me with literacy techniques, a high standard of written English and the ability to critique texts. Business Studies has given me an insight into the real world of Business by shaping my understanding of how consumers work, how a business runs and more importantly how to generate profit. The business world is a rapidly changing global technological environment that I am fascinated by and I want to enhance my communication skills and creative solution based thinking. The psychology of organisations also fascinates me, and is an area I would like to build on.

My employers have found me highly reliable, a hard worker and able to work with a close team of people. At one company, I was given managerial responsibilities, supervising a team of five staff in the busy summer months at a seaside resort. I dealt with customer complaints, reconciled tills, ordered stock, and made sure the business was working at a high standard. This gave me a true taste and experience of being in authority. Having worked in a range of different companies, I have experienced how different organisations operate; this has given me a varied perspective of approaches in different businesses, in terms of management styles and differences in company ethos.

I want to study Business because in the future I aim to be an independent woman, in charge of my own destiny. My keen interest in Business is demonstrated by my voluntary work helping in Year 10 Business classes at College. The Business Faculty awarded me as their ‘Student Ambassador’; where I help with events such as open evenings and mentoring in Business classes.  My desire to learn new things and work out of my comfort zone is illustrated by me currently working towards a First Aid qualification; testing myself with new experiences excites me. I am ready for this challenge in my life, and know that I will work hard, thrive and develop as a result of undertaking a degree in Business and Management, as well as contribute and give back to my University community.

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