PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business Management and Law Personal Statement

Submitted by Simrit

Business Management and Law Personal Statement

Submitted by Simrit

The potential consequences of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has driven me towards understanding the impact it may have on businesses, particularly in the UK. In the run-up to the vote, it was often suggested that the effect of Brexit on small businesses in particular could prove to be significant, but I want to know why. Big businesses are often regarded as the driving force behind this country’s economy, but I want to know how; this is what drives me towards studying Business and Management at university level. In hindsight, my choice of A-Levels provided me with a great blend of relevant knowledge that has fed my desire to study Business at a higher level.

Sociology has provided me with a brief introduction into the importance of human capital as well as the dominance of capitalism. English Language has developed my ability to interpret comprehensive literature and communicate, both basic life skills which I can implement from essay-writing to the boardroom. Of course, Business Studies has been the main motive behind my interest in the topic. Witnessing the rise of social media has enabled me to learn about marketing techniques. Understanding the various types of legislation that businesses have to comply with has been fascinating. The two particular modules that have appealed to me have been Entrepreneurship and Legislation.

Working as a Sales Assistant for the retailer Tiger enabled me to gain organisational skills and the ability to work in a team. I was engaged with my role, striving to help the business hit their forecasted targets every week. Working here has encouraged me to understand how retailers operate and the importance of delivering excellent customer service. Having a part-time job has been key in my ability to manage time effectively as revision for A-levels was my focus. This is a crucial skill that I know I will take with me to university, given the overlapping demands of various modules.

Prior to my job at Tiger, I also held positions at two very different B2B firms. I hope that studying business will provide me with a great awareness of the various types of industries and sectors, so I can understand exactly the differences between business-to-business and business-to-consumer operations.

Frequent jogging and playing football socially are the main activities that I enjoy participating in outside of school. I believe that obtaining a fine balance between work and leisure is crucial for mental wellbeing. The subject of mental health in business is something that I have been particularly fascinated with for a while and has become my topic of choice for my Extended Project at Sixth Form. The fashion industry has caught the eye of me and friends in recent years. We are keen on understanding the latest trends, particularly when it comes to streetwear. My entrepreneurial side has also come into play here, where I have been known to buy and sell limited-edition apparel and trainers with the aid of social media. To make the most out of my love for business I would like to become an author for The Market Mogul, a website involving business and politics, after my first year of University; this would certainly strengthen my literacy skills.

I am reminded just how important university is for career prospects. I’m fortunate enough to have chosen a subject to study that I have a genuine passion for however the crucial life lessons and responsibility of leading an independent life at university appeals to me just as much, for I am aware that no amount of education will prepare me for the real-life working world. I’m keen to learn more about the corporate world, but I am even more determined to become a part of it. My long-term career plan is to establish my own business and I am confident that the knowledge I will gain from studying this course will enable me to fulfil this dream in the future.

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