PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Iona

Business Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Iona

Growing up with both of my parents running their own businesses gave me an early interest in how businesses work, especially the relationship between the work force and the employer, and how this affects the huge decisions companies have to make in order to succeed. My enthusiasm for Human Resources stemmed from a key moment when my father decided to take a different direction in the business which caused upset within the work force. Watching the outcomes of the steps he took to satisfy the employees strengthened my decision to study Human Resource Management at university level.

Studying Business Studies at A level further confirmed my interest in the topic and putting an academic, theoretical framework to what I had observed in practice was exciting; I started to learn about business cultures, prices and the general patterns of spending and markets. But what particularly grabbed my attention was: What makes employees motivated and stay motivated in the workplace? In today’s economy, business success is uncertain and the need for perseverance and motivation is key.

This is why I think studying this element of business will be eye opening and give me an overall insight into the human mind and the dynamics of organisations. I particularly enjoyed the module in my AS course about the recruitment process and the fine line between hiring a candidate and not, emphasising the need for good decision-making qualities working in HR.

Studying German and going on a language course in Berlin for two weeks this summer enabled me to observe the differences between German and British business practices. For my Pre-U German oral topic I chose “Women in the workplace: the Gender pay gap.” Researching this theme not only about women, but also about women in a country highly successful in business, educated me about the sort of problems HR teams might experience in different countries. The research for my German oral topic led me to a fuller exploration of the differences in employment laws in these two countries. English Literature at A level has taught me the importance of accurate and subtle verbal and written communication. The seminar-style lessons where contribution is necessary reflect the types of boardroom situations one might experience in business organisations.

My voluntary work experience in April at the Deallus Consultancy Headquarters in London provided a real understanding of Human Resources as I sat in on interviews and boardroom meetings. It gave me an exciting insight into a rapidly growing young business which is reacting to changing demands in the pharmaceutical industry. I gained valuable skills in communication and the right way to present controversial ideas to employees. The high point to my week there was sitting in on the boardroom meeting of all the employees finding out about the changes in their salaries and holidays; this had been a project for the HR team for two months. This boardroom meeting showed me the varied types of business environments and how you, as an HR manager, have to accept the conflicting attitudes to changing business ideas.

As part of my school’s Community Service programme, I visited an Alzheimer’s home once a week for three months; from this, I learnt how important it is to communicate clearly. I also worked in a primary school for two months where I learned how to be discreet with young people and listen to their problems. I believe these skills would provide a strong platform for creating a strong, motivated workforce. I am very interested in languages and feel that my knowledge of German will help me in any future international business communication. Interacting with people, understanding their problems and finding fair solutions are all daily jobs which appeals greatly to me and I am excited about studying this course because it would provide a firm foundation to my future career in Human Resources.

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