PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business Management with Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Submitted by Alize

Business Management with Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Submitted by Alize

Mathematics has sparked my curiosity from an early age. Over the years I have developed a passion for and noticed the importance of Financial Services in the modern world of commerce; thus fueling my keen desire to expand my knowledge of Mathematics by studying a Finance course at a higher education level. Currently, I am on the verge of completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma at Warwick Academy. The three Higher Level courses I currently study are: English Literature, Film Studies and Information Technology in a Global Society. English Literature helps to challenge and develop my critical thinking skills, Film Studies has the ability to enhance my already existing creative talents, and Information Technology in a Global Society increases my awareness of the relationship between humans and technology. The three Standard Level courses I study are: Spanish, Environmental Systems and Society and Mathematics. Learning Spanish will heighten my desires to travel the world, Environmental Systems and Society develops my ecological understanding of our planet, and Mathematics will help to focus my mathematics related passion and aspirations. By studying this wide variety of courses, I presuppose that I will develop into an overall well-rounded student. Additionally, throughout my entire secondary school career, I have taken additional external Mathematics classes with the Centre for Talent Youth Program to broaden my mathematical knowledge.

Leadership skills are very crucial skills to acquire in the business world. This academic year I have had the opportunity to display my leadership skills by taking on the role of President of the Warwick Academy Student Council. Personally, I feel as if nothing is more satisfying than giving back to the school community. I have also demonstrated my leadership skills through being Vice-Captain for my school sport house. These leadership opportunities have overall helped to improve my organization, communication and flexibility. Furthermore, within school, I have earned achievements such as Academic Honors, Effort Award, and the Improvement Award. Externally, I have received the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze & Silver Awards, the ABRSM Music Theory Awards Grades 1-5 and the 2014 Over 16 Sports Day Champion Girl Award.

Both inside and outside of school I participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. In school, I have been an active member of nearly every sporting team offered. The sports I mainly focus on are Basketball, Volleyball and Softball; nevertheless I have still represented Warwick Academy on the Track and Field, Cross Country, Football, Badminton and Swimming teams. Not only are sports good for the body, but also for the mind. Moreover, I have also been a member of three musical bands within my school. Over the past seven years I have mastered the complex Clarinet and I have also played the piano and various percussion instruments. Music is a way for me to express the feelings that my words are unable to describe.

The extracurricular activity that I am most passionate about is fashion modeling. I have participated in numerous fashion shows and photo shoots around Bermuda and represented many local and international designers, retailers and stylists, and it has been a lifelong dream of mine to model abroad. Modeling encourages me to be confident and comfortable in my own body. Partaking in these numerous extracurricular activities has taught me time management skills, dedication and commitment, and the ability to work with others. I know that these characteristics are of high importance in financial careers, where you must meet deadlines and work cooperatively.

Moving to England to further my studies is a large step, however my infinite level of enthusiasm, determination, motivation, passion, and skills suggest that I am prepared to take on this next chapter of my life. I eagerly look forward to beginning my higher education level degree in Finance.

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