PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business Mangement with Marketing Personal Statement

Submitted by Maryam

Business Mangement with Marketing Personal Statement

Submitted by Maryam

The use of business management is something we are all exposed to throughout our day to day lives, regardless of whether or not we're aware of it. Without it, the businesses behind our everyday products and items couldn't run smoothly and provide the services they provide for us. A business related degree is extremely useful and gives multiple options in which career path to take. When researching which degree to pursue, it stood out to me as I demonstrate a strong understanding of business, which I hope to expand through a degree. Management holds the key to unlock doors for any businesses, and it fascinates me just how many aspects make up business as a topic.

The versatility of a degree involving business draws me towards the subject and I take a strong interest in marketing which I know is an important aspect of any business , I have began to become familiar with what marketing entails through studying business studies, where marketing is introduced. Since I began to study business, I knew it was the area in which I would like to research further and hopefully pursue a career in. I take an interest in being a managing director or marketing director and I hope either of these career choices would help me to further improve my leadership skills as well as teaching me my strengths and weaknesses , I would love to expand my knowledge through studying management and fulfil this role. Although these career paths appeal to me, my options remain open and look forward to seeing if there is any career role which would be more appropriate for me.

By studying A-Level business I've gained analytical skills alongside problem solving skills and obtained a deeper understanding of marketing, and what goes into branding as well as the ins and outs of business . Business studies has given me an insight into the world of business as well as marketing and some knowledge about what marketing entails, which I hope to expand through my degree. I also study sociology and financial studies. Sociology gives me a deeper insight into what goes on in society, which is extremely useful, from sociology I have also gained a deeper understanding of how people think, which would be a lot of help when finding out what appeals to the general public, to help in finding the best marketing strategy for a brand or product. Financial studies has helped me begin to understand the ins and outs of how businesses manage money. Over summer of 2016, I spent 5 weeks completing the National Citizen Service and graduated from NCS in September 2016. Here I gained a further understanding of what team work on a daily basis entails and how to work collectively in new environments with different people surrounding you. I hope to develop these skills as they're useful in the corporate environment I wish to enter. As a team we volunteered for the charity open door MK who work towards eradicating homelessness in Milton Keynes; I also plan to be an NCS team assistant in summer of 2018. My engrossments lie within real life documentaries, music and reading.

My spare time is often utilised by making or fixing garments, or listening to live music as I have an appreciation for the voice of an artist and I hope to join a musical society or even help to create one . My occupation with documentaries means I have a widened understanding of different lifestyles and cultures around the world and how others live, which gives me more appreciation of the opportunities I've been given, thus building my work ethic. My love for reading means I gain information from the pastime and I'm using this passion to assist myself in learning French which is a goal I've set for myself to do before the year ends . Since entering sixth form my mind is in non-identical from the mind-set I had during my GCSE's. now more than ever, I am determined to reach my full potential and with hard work and an improved work ethic I hope to achieve my goal of graduating with a first class degree.

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