PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business, Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Submitted by Eashan

Business, Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Submitted by Eashan

Global interdependence has become inevitable and accounting and finance is the common language spoken by local and multinational businesses, economies and industries. My interest in numbers, statistics and accountancy was sparked when I was 14 when my wise mother asked me to prepare a balance sheet of our home's monthly expenditure.

Studying A-level mathematics has made me understand the logical processes of the subject in analysing the minute details to perfection. I understand how statistical tools can summarise financial information for effective communication in an organisation. Physics is an analytical subject, which complements the logical approach I have developed in mathematics. I have achieved Olympiad awards in maths and physics. I was fascinated listening to Simon Arora, co-owner of the B&M stores, share his life story at a lecture, propelling me to further research Lee Iacocca's role in the American car industry and the success which he found using clever management. An insight day at PwC led me to realise that accountancy was not just number juggling, but a multifaceted thread encompassing businesses, management consultancy, taxation, corporate finance and mergers. The insight day gave me a glimpse of the role of accountancy and finance in a multinational firm specialising in auditing, consultancy, assurance, and international taxation.

A week's work experience at Mckenzie Knight & Partners, a local chartered accountancy firm, gave me an insight into the concepts of individual tax returns, administrative work, and audit. With senior management, I listened to advice regarding financial products, bank reconciliation and realised the importance of the human touch. I also had a week's work experience in retail banking at HSBC. Working with customer relations allowed me to interact with clients and I was complimented on my communication skills. I could relate to the ecosystem of this organisation, which offered different financial products including savings, mortgages and investments to their clients. I also learnt how individual banks are also part of a large interdependent network. As a volunteer at the British Heart Foundation, I have helped with maintaining the balance sheets and have understood the value of improving sales with discount pricing.

As part of my School's Community Action Programme I have worked with Year 6 children in a local primary school, supporting their progress in mathematics. I participated in the National Citizen Service, where I met peers from various cultural and economic backgrounds. My communication skills and leadership qualities were recognised and I led a team to raise funds towards a Caribbean old age home. In year 10, I went on a 15-day desert trek in Oman which tested my physical and mental strength, which was a vital lesson in resource management. I have completed the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

In school, I am part of the senior prefect team and take charge of rota administration for over 300 students. This has helped me understand the need for time management and leadership. I have also learnt how to best represent pupils and listen to their opinions. Last year I was chairman of the Indian committee and was responsible for organising talks on current affairs. I have represented the school first team in cricket regularly, consolidating my belief that a team's success lies in team bonding, sharing a common goal and working hard towards it.

I play piano and trumpet in the school's orchestra, which has improved my concentration skills. Successfully combining activities both inside and outside of school, whilst pursuing academic interests to a high level, has taught me self-discipline, time management and organisational skills. I consider myself to be a hardworking and motivated to study accountancy and finance. My aim after completing an undergraduate degree is to further my studies, gain ACCA and CIMA qualifications and work with large firms such as the Big Four.

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