PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Economics/Business Economics Personal Statement

Submitted by Nola

Economics/Business Economics Personal Statement

Submitted by Nola

I've always loved figuring out how things tick or why people reason the way they do. Whether this be questioning the actions of Duke Vincentio in Shakespeare's play, Measure For Measure for a mock trial or reasoning with the cynical nature of business culture in society. I enjoy studying the different aspects and manipulations that lead to the reasons behind people's choices and actions. It's possibly the reason why I love Business Studies and Economics so much being that they are so complex and intriguing in nature as subjects. I especially appreciate the way Business Studies so fittingly integrates with everyday issues like trying to find the best way to motivate a sibling or using marginal utility theory when buying goods. It's because of this preference that I can't view myself enjoying the study of any course other than Business Economics.

My past work experiences have all been quite finance based. I had spent a month in an investment bank in Nigeria known as Kedari Capital observing the activities of each department and then spent the next summer working in the Nigerian tax consulting firm, Saffron Professional Services. Here I helped in the overseeing of corporate training sessions and the planning of numerous, simultaneous international training seminars across Africa. Both had given me a broader view and greater understanding of the needs of a corporate organisation and the chance to develop key skills and traits such as time management, problem solving and responsibility. Most of all it has helped me to properly apply the theory I've learnt in my subjects and fully understand the links between all their different aspects. In this sense, I would say I learnt the most from my placement in Kedari Capital as it was the most influential on my education as my first real introduction to the Stock Market Industry and I was able to witness how each department had to budget, manage their resources and generate income as each was run more or less as a stand-alone business. The Investment industry helped me to apply and associate Business and Economics theories in real life. It showed me that despite being very broad, the underlying principles of these subjects are quite simplistic and can be seen in a thousand different everyday situations.

I am also a very ambitious person who loves the thrill of going head to head with those of equal measure or higher in challenging situations and prefer to take every 'failure' as a challenge to do better. I feel life is too short to play it safe and hide away, which is why I love trying new and exciting things no matter how formidable they might be. This drive is what made me participate in my school's production of "Cabaret" by Joe Masteroff and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. This programme is aimed at the youth pushing past personal boundaries, gaining new skills, meeting new people and generally living life to the fullest. Under this programme, I have taken up Rock Climbing and Sailing knowing that I wouldn't be satisfied continuing with activities that I have been involved in for quite a while such as basketball. During my first year in England, I knew taking part in such a rigorous programme would be a lot to handle, but I felt it was time for me to broaden my horizons. And what greater opportunity is there than coming to school abroad and taking part in activities such as this.

I'm also a member of my school's Economics Society where we discuss current affairs and have presentations by students based on the economy as well as being a founding member of our Business Studies Society. I believe that during my sixth form studies I have grown in maturity and confidence and this has effectively prepared me for the next level of my education, which along with my personal and academic accomplishments have helped to build my desire to study Business and Economics at a degree level. I truly believe this would be the first step towards success in my future career.

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