PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE International Business BSc Personal Statement

International Business BSc Personal Statement

When looking at the many highly successful transnational corporations currently operating today, I remind myself that they all started off as the same thing; an idea. Since starting my A-levels I have been curious to see how many of my own ideas could in fact be developed off the paper. I am very absorbed in business and have particular interest in both risk management and the entrepreneurship of businesses. My interest in this subject has meant that I have been able to gain knowledge and experience both in and out of the usual classroom setting. I have a strong ambition to use my knowledge to develop a career within the financial sector.

Business studies has allowed me to study both businesses as a whole and also those with delegated departments for working. One of the main components of a business is investment; I gained a personal insight of this while doing the IFS investor challenge as part of my extracurricular work in class. A memorable point in my AS study was financial planning. This helped me gain a great concept of how to fund both small and large businesses. I believe that I hold many of the key attributes of a business leader, which was proven during my position as Managing Director of our Young Enterprise company, New Vision. The team consisted of 14 members and was set on designing a student planner from recycled photo frames. Motivation was a pivotal part of Young Enterprise as it was important to keep every team member set on reaching our goals. Delegation was also a key part of leadership as it important to spread work evenly within a business by trusting members to complete the work set. Young Enterprise was a great method of advancing my work in AS business without relying solely on a textbook. My hard work and dedication helped me earn a judge’s distinction for my individual work throughout the journey.

Economics is a key point of business which has become core knowledge in my Economics A-level course. In December I attended a seminar at The Institute of Education in London named “Economics in Action”. This talk featured a variety of economists who each gave their view on our ever-changing economy. One presentation I had particular interest in was by a PhD student whose view was that tackling tax avoidance was vital to the UK’s economy due to the money being sent abroad to foreign banks. Is it really fair for small businesses to fail while those that can afford it are using loopholes in order to raise their profits? These questions are necessary in the business world as it’s not only vital to run your own firm correctly but also necessary to keep tabs on your close competitor’s methods of survival. Studying geography has played a strong part in my economic understanding, with many units having a core economic element added to it. One of my current topics is “World Cities” which focuses on every aspect of the developed world. Location is a key part to a business and I often incorporate my geography knowledge into the benefits of certain locations. A study trip to Swanage also allowed me to see in person how the shops are now moving further afield to help cut costs in renting. Case studies have also allowed me to see how this is happening even further afield in places such as New Delhi. Geography has helped make my understanding truly international.

During July I also did a week of work experience within the City, gaining an insight into the financial markets. I was based within Lloyds of London and was able to see the journey of insurance contracts meeting firm’s specific requirements. I also currently hold a weekend job as a receptionist which has given me a good experience in customer interaction. With sixth form study combined with real world experience, I believe that University will further my interest in managing a business and prove a valuable asset to not just work but day to day life. I aim to contribute as much as I take out from this course and would truly show my potential in business.

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