PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE BSc Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Personal Statement

Submitted by Harrison

BSc Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Personal Statement

Submitted by Harrison

In a world where the success of organisations is dependent on the latest technological innovations, I have been enthused by modern day, digital transformations; innovative transformations, such as that of Taxis to Uber and Blockbuster to Netflix.

I have a long-standing interest for these advances in Information Technology and systems - which I desire to further at university. I found applying my previous computer skills to a business scenario very interesting as part of GCSE ICT. I developed and implemented a professional data handling system using the principles of agile programming. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed the application of IT systems, networking and artificial intelligence to an academic framework.

I finished my school year by attending my school speech day, where I was awarded with the 2015 I.T. Student Award. I enjoyed the challenges of microeconomics at Sixth Form - I developed my background knowledge to business and marketing strategy, providing a foundation for innovation theory.

The studying of Geography provided me with an understanding of the pace of technological innovation. It is this study that led me to reading 'Digital Disruption: next wave of Innovation'. I gained an appreciation of the 'digital disruptors' mindset and how innovation is important in gaining competitive advantage in industry. I feel that this may provide a vision into the future of information systems. Outside of classroom studies I took part in a computing club as part of my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. I gained an understanding into the utilisation of computer systems. System development experience provides me with a fundamental appreciation for the scope for digital innovation within a commercial context.

Other extra curricular activities which I am currently a part of includes the Target 2 Competition run by the Bank of England. This has involved working with other students to research and create a presentation regarding macroeconomic strategy to achieving the Bank of England's inflation target of 2%, with the potential to present to senior members of the Bank. I enjoyed working with a team towards a common goal and the development of my public speaking skills. Although my interest in information technology has existed for a long time, the work experience at Aviva promoted my fascination for a course in digital technology and information systems. I used the experience to research how organisations and blue-chip firms such as Aviva use data systems with cloud integration to automate data handling processes for my GCSE IT Award.

In addition, recent volunteering at my local charity, St Michael's Hospice, has allowed me to work within a team to help an important cause, where I have a role within the online sales department. This has allowed me to identify an enthusiasm for management and entrepreneurship within an organisation. I have enjoyed experimenting and learning about the latest technologies. For example, I have software tested the popular crowdsourced revision application: StudyBlue. I was frustrated by faults with the site whilst revising for my GCSEs. I used my time to submit error reports to the development team, which gave me an interesting perspective into online digital technologies. Consequently, I was rewarded with a subscription to their service. I hope to extend this experience with others at university.

I have experienced first hand, the latest digital technological innovations, through the backing of exciting start-up companies on crowdfunding site KickStarter. This has provided me with an insight into the process of marketing, through weekly updates from start-up's and the successful delivery of the latest technological innovations; from smartwatches to 3D printers. It is this transforming industry which I dream of being a part of, and this course would prepare me for. I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to develop my experience and collaborate with others at university.

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