PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE International Business Personal Statement

Submitted by Serena

International Business Personal Statement

Submitted by Serena

After completing the 'Young Business Leaders' programme during summer, I am confident that a business degree would place me on the correct path to accomplishment as it allows me to Implement my theoretical knowledge in a real global context. I could also combine my interest in politics and coordinate this in a business environment.

My A-level choices offer me a well-rounded spectrum of study to learn what creates a successful business in an omnichannel post- Brexit society. These have provided me with confidence in presentation and independent research, which can be transferred to the business context as well as an ability to critically interpret a piece of writing. During my AS levels, I have developed a perception of the foundations of leading a business and explored scientific models such as Stakeholder mapping. The HR aspects of my course are particularly interesting due to the powerful influence of fostering employee/employer relations successfully. I have built on my interest in business, through completing online courses including: 'Leadership' and 'What influences property value?'. I attended a lecture where the CBI Director and CE examined the implications of Brexit on business, and used intriguing statistics such as China, only accounting for under 10% of trade despite producing 70% of our phones. This confirmed that a business degree was right for me. I hope to prepare for the diverse environment I will enter by starting Mandarin and by studying abroad to develop my knowledge on big issues such as the growing importance of ethics as well as tensions between developing and developed countries.

My part-time work has given me the opportunity to work alongside a varied team as well as managing multiple personalities each with different skills to offer. This is applicable to university as students have to continually adapt to new situations and work in teams. I have been provided with an insight into business by completing work experience at financial planners and Tourism Fiji, where I cemented skills such as organisation. This was enjoyable as I could use my analytical nature to offer strategic suggestions to the company and make my time worthwhile. They also taught me the need to be adaptable. It allowed me to demonstrate my drive for business success and it has given me external knowledge which I can apply to my course. The book 'Wake Up and Change Your Life' has inspired me as well as witnessing the scale up potential from other platforms, portraying multiple business ideas. I have demonstrated innovative qualities by designing two business proposals - one for developing countries and a fitness business which, could potentially gain large sales. These have built expertise favourable to university life such as creativity. This is something I would like to launch whilst studying for my degree. My career goals are building a real estate company and owning multiple properties globally, and I look forward to solving the challenges that accompany this.

I have the balance of interpersonal skills that are essential at university such as taking part in extracurricular activities including weekly ice skating training and becoming a senior prefect, as well as aiding younger years in lessons. I also co-started a debating society as we noticed the disillusionment in youth politics. Once engaged, young adults can swing a result as witnessed in the 2017 general election, and therefore is important in ensuring our system remains democratic. I always have a desire for change and progress shown through running for head girl, which involved a speech process highlighting communication skills. Leadership qualities and resilience have been demonstrated through completion of NCS and DofE bronze award.

My high achieving nature and constant drive for achievement is what makes me confident I can be successful. I look forward to starting university and I am excited to grow academically.

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