PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business and Human Resource Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Megan

Business and Human Resource Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Megan

The most important character trait of a business owner is the ability to take a risk. To many, the thought of a career based on risks can be unnerving, but I personally have always been fascinated by ‘what if’; a trait I share with my father.

After being made redundant at the age of 37, with three young children, my father was able to turn uncertainty and a fear of the unknown into a dynamic, thriving business, which after 17 years is continuously growing; all thanks to taking a risk. This is what inspired me to take a risk and branch out of the relative safety of my hometown and apply to study business at university, with the hope that maybe one day I too can turn a ‘what if’ into my reality. Aside from the wish of following in my father’s footsteps, one of my main motivational factors to study business is the opportunity to work in an ever-changing and dynamic industry, which provides opportunities and career paths into an endless variety of fields and sectors. My intrigue in this subject has always been particularly sparked by the heart of a business: it’s people. I believe that the success of a business ultimately lies with the people within it which is why I wish to study Business and Human Resource Management.

Since childhood I have always been a talkative and friendly person and have had a strong desire to help others, something that has helped me throughout my job working as a bar tender at a local restaurant, The Dyffryn Arms. This job has provided me with a lot of opportunities to further my personal skills, including my communication skills and problem solving skills. My job has presented me with a wide variety of responsibilities which I have undertaken to the best of my ability, such as having had the opportunity to help with the training of new members of staff, something that I have thoroughly enjoyed. It has also led me to be able to efficiently work within a team and effectively communicating with my team members to ensure the smooth running of the business. Prior to my current job, I also worked for my father’s business Pressure Washer Services. This experience also allowed me a closer look into a realistic day-to-day view of human resource management and how various techniques can affect the effectiveness and efficiency with which employees undertake their tasks which I have since been able to apply to my studies to further understand this concept.

In my spare time I try to surround myself with my friends and family and strive to make time to socialise with them as I have strong family values and think that their support and encouragement is vital in my future success.

I also have a keen interest in current events and politics and like to keep up with both which I also find broadens my knowledge and allows me to have a more varied insight to the world and the people within it.

Throughout my education, I have always been very determined and driven to push myself to achieving the best results possible and feel that the challenge of a university degree can allow me to further my skills.

I am currently studying A-level Business, BTEC Extended Certificate in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and Welsh Baccalaureate in Neath Port Talbot College. I am thoroughly enjoying all 3 of these subject areas as each give different views into the world of business as well as an insight into the wider world, something I particularly been intrigued by whilst studying for the Welsh Baccalaureate. As well as having a particular interest in business, I have also studied Sociology and AS Law, areas I chose to study due to my interest in society and how people interact with each other. Whilst neither of these subject were my main career goal, I do feel that the combination of studying Law, Sociology and Business has allowed me to develop a well-rounded knowledge of Human Resource Management which I would love to study further at university. I am excited and optimistic about the future and ready to see what opportunities it may hold.

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