PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business and Management Personal Statement

Business and Management Personal Statement

In year 7 I was put into bottom set Maths, which I knew at the time wasn’t the place for me. Through self-determination and motivation, I was able to obtain a place in top set Maths by Year 9. From there onwards Mathematics started to become challenging for me, which was what truly caught my interest. For this reason analysing and solving problems have both become a passion of mine. Thankfully for me these skills form the foundation for my choice of a business degree.

My interest for firms and their financial management, developed when I first read about South Korea and their strategies to becoming one of the world’s fastest growing economies. I was so inspired by the financial analysis Korean businesses were undergoing, that I grew attached to their culture and so I started to teach myself the Korean language.

Once starting Sixth Form, I was keen on joining extra-curricular activities to help boost my confidence when meeting new people. Signing up for the National Citizens Service gave me the opportunity of managing budgets for events that were carried out as well as allocating the resources needed. Later in the year, helping my own community was also something I wanted to take part in, and so I volunteered at my local library joint community centre. Every Wednesday, I worked the cashier on top of organizing which books were low in stock at the library. Throughout the year I was able to enhance my time management skills from balancing my volunteer work on top of being a Subject Advisor and Student Prefect for my Sixth Form.

Through Business Studies I was introduced to the corporate world; which showed me how businesses start up and encourage their sales to success, as well as enabling me to improve on my problem-solving and decision-making skills. Along with Economics showing me how trading internationally differentiates with each country, depending on their own economic position as well as the strength on their currency. Understanding how important managing a business is for its success and reputation encouraged me to visit a range of companies in London including UBM. Here I was given the chance to not only improve on my interview skills but also to experience their working environment. Media Studies has allowed me to become more open minded towards other people’s thoughts and opinions on certain topics. As almost everything in Media Studies is polysemic, this subject has given me the understanding of how and what people connote from a piece of media.

Through my enhanced understanding of the corporate world and the financial operations that take place, I find this is what I am truly interested in. Having the skills to not only interpret an organisation’s market and financial situation, but also creating new corporate strategies, are key aspects which I am passionate about learning. At the same time as being able to show that I can challenge myself against academic standards; I believe studying this course will allow me to understand and demonstrate financial accounting which firms go through, in addition to the management of their operations.