PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business and Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Nathan

Business and Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Nathan

Business is one of the most important components of modern life, and I find its dynamic and interdisciplinary nature very interesting. Having enjoyed studying Business Studies at GCSE and A level, I would like to further my knowledge and learn more about management theory and how different organisations operate in the Global economy. I look forward to applying my learning, and developing practical managerial skills, by undertaking a work placement in industry to enhance my undergraduate study.

I am an extremely self-motivated, organised and diligent student, who achieves in both independent and group working environments. The research and planning involved in my EPQ project, entitled, 'To what extent is branding the most important influence on consumer preferences of coffee shops?' is enhancing my self-study and organisation skills, and allowing me to utilise some of the business theories that I have studied. My A level subjects provide me with skills that complement my study of business. In geography, collecting primary and secondary data before analysing the results has developed my sampling and data handling skills. Cross-over topics include globalisation and demographics, which have helped my understanding of the world within which organisations operate. In history, a subject requiring investigation and review of different historians' interpretations of past events, I have developed my analytical and critical thinking skills. These skills are invaluable in business today, especially in the decision-making process.

I am an active member of my school's Sixth Form council, which has strengthened my oral presentation and problem-solving skills, as the council is based on finding solutions, through discussion, to issues raised. I have volunteered as a prefect and both an educational and peer supporter; responsible positions which required communication skills and maturity to assist lower year students. Through completing work experience at Waitrose, I gained an insight into the world of work, learning about the importance of customer service in the retail sector. I participated in the daily managers' meeting which reinforced the importance to me of leadership, teamwork and communication in business.

In addition, I was a member of the winning team in a school-wide Business Smart Programme that required us to generate and pitch a business idea to senior staff and an external business owner. These experiences confirmed my career aspirations are definitely within the area of Business Management. In addition to extra curricular school responsibilities, playing tennis has been my passion for a number of years and I regularly represent my tennis club's adult first teams in local leagues. Through competing in singles tournaments, I have progressed to an LTA rating of 5.2, which required significant perseverance and commitment to achieve. I am a trained tennis coaching assistant and have a part-time job helping to deliver junior lessons at my club. This allows me to apply my leadership, planning and communication skills to organise a group of young players who require clear, concise and structured direction in order to improve their game. I also captain a local table tennis team and have represented Chelmsford in the National Junior League. Playing so much sport whilst studying has required me to effectively prioritise and manage my time. Undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold awards has allowed me to participate in many varied activities and learn the importance of leadership, co-operation and determination to successfully overcome challenging situations and enjoy team expeditions.

I am very much looking forward to studying a degree in Business and Management at university to further both my theoretical business knowledge and its practical application into the 'real world'. I will grasp every opportunity available and am excited to face the challenges that university life has to offer.

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