PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Computer Science Personal Statement

Computer Science Personal Statement

This subject interests me because I am always using computers and have been using them from such a young age and I own many different computer interfaces from desktop computers to tablets and I enjoy using them. I think I’m suitable for this course because I have a passion for computer programming.

The only skill I have for coding is taking part in a course called ” An Hour of Code” on a website called They teach you the very basics of programming and how enjoyable it could be to program. I am very creative, calm in stressful environments, and a good problem solver. My maths is good and I enjoy maths a lot, I also enjoy challenging myself.

I have worked as a Teaching Assistant at my old primary school for work experience when I was studying in Secondary School, preparing documentations and presentations for senior staff.

After I complete the course, I wish to work in software engineering. By using the knowledge gained from this course, such as learning to program and use a programming language such as JavaScript and work with successful major companies such as Apple, designing software and applications is what I want to do.

The current course I am studying is BTEC extended applied Science Level 3.

I am a hardworking and highly motivated individual as I ensure that I keep all my assignments up to date and ensure they are submitted on time. I received mostly merits and distinctions on my assignments during the first year of my course. I received a Merit in Unit 8 which was mostly maths and statistical analysis. 

My attendance is excellent, showing I am motivated as I always attend college to learn and gain more knowledge. Assignments are always in on time ensuring that I never miss the deadline for the assignments and done to the best ofmy ability showing how hardworking I am. I am also a multilingual, able to speak two additional languages fluently (Swedish and Luganda).

I was born in Sweden and lived for eight years then moved to the United Kingdom but travelled back to Sweden throughout my childhood visiting my eldest sibling, childhood friends, and other family relatives.

The first time when I used a PC, it made me become more intrigued to see how these interfaces function, the technology behind computer interfaces and the philosophy of how they function. I would like to learn how software is developed. I think that it’s astonishing to look as the advanced transformation of technology shapes society; there is such a great amount to still be discovered.

The universe of computing is developing at an incredible rate each day, computers are the most influential and widely used tools in our lives. As I would like to think nothing on earth can gauge the exponential development and energy software industry, which I wish to be involved in, especially Software Engineering.

I am aiming to concentrate on a processing related subject as I feel that computers are extremely important in all occupations and ordinary life. In the course of recent years, I have added to an incredible enthusiasm for software engineering, programming advancement, and the IT business. I have a strong enthusiasm for processing and computer interface related frameworks and innovation.

At a young age I used to appreciate dismantling things to perceive how they function, and my enthusiasm for computer interfaces peaked especially when I was young, as time went and new innovation was produced by significant organizations, for example, Apple and Microsoft.

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