PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Computer Science Personal Statement

Computer Science Personal Statement

Innovation has always been something that I strive to achieve. We live in a world where it feels like we have the answer to everything and the majority may be content with that; however, I am not the majority. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to pursue ‘the next step’ or be held responsible for ‘the next big thing’, and I feel that the passion I hold for computers equips me with the tools I need to achieve that goal. In the future I don’t want to be remembered as someone who was inspired by him/her I want to be the one who inspired; for this reason, I have never wanted to become the next Steve Jobs or the next Bill Gates instead I want to become the first Omar McNish.

From an early age I’ve wanted to pursue a career within the computing industry. Computers have always given me a platform to emphasise my creativity and increase my general knowledge. In my spare time I often create programs in python from scratch; testing out new functions or combining old ones gives me a good opportunity to see my own progression as a programmer. Given the ever increasing technological breakthroughs we see in everyday life I’m fascinated to see what the future holds. Whilst studying my A-Levels I’ve been able to make links between my subjects, giving me a deep understanding of the fundamental ideas of computing. What I enjoyed most in computing is the challenge involved in problem solving. For coursework I developed a behavioural management program for the behavioural team and loved the opportunity. Being able to program in my own creative space was a great experience, letting me improve my ability whilst giving me the constant reminder of the passion I hold for the subject. I cannot wait to take my programming endeavours to new heights and look forward to seeing how my skills improve in the future.

My A Level courses have been an important part of my life. Not only did I find them intriguing but they have been greatly responsible for opening both my observational and judgemental thought process’. Psychology especially, which has given me a new perspective on how I approach predicaments everyday. I can easily benefit from the comparisons I can make between computer systems and behavioural processes of human beings. After learning about the theories of monumental psychologists such as Milgram and Eysenck I’ve been able to incorporate various theories into my general mindset, whether that be a real life situation or a hypothetical academic one. In the summer of 2014 I decided to take ‘NCS The Challenge’. Allowing me to meet new people NCS forced me push myself to the limit, one example would be the 6-hour mountain hike in Wales. Living in university accommodation was another of my favourable moments allowing me to manage my organisation skills and put my cooking skills to the test.

Overall doing NCS was one of the best choices I’ve ever made and wish I could do it again. I have held several part time jobs. My most recent position has been working at BHS (British Home Stores) as a sales assistant, which I started in July. Working at BHS allowed me to improve my skills; for example my interpersonal skills with the public and working under pressure. As well as allowing me to develop new skills such as negotiation skills when pushing sales.I was recently offered the role of floor manager a challenging, role which I can’t wait to tackle. My hobbies include going to the gym regularly to stay in shape, which enables me to keep a focused mind whilst also relieving stress. I also play in a rugby team as a forward it as it gives me the constant reminder of the importance of teamwork. From my university experience I hope to meet new people from different cultures whilst becoming more independent. I cannot wait for the opportunity to surround myself in the subject I feel so passionate about next year, and look forward to the challenges that university will bring.

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