PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Automotive Engineering Personal Statement

Submitted by Matt

Automotive Engineering Personal Statement

Submitted by Matt

My interest in engineering began after a visit from The Bloodhound Project at my secondary school. The brief talk we received on the aerodynamics, engine and braking system of the car left me wanting to find out more about the world of engineering. I reached a conclusion that engineering required a wide combination of skills ranging from, attention to detail, communication, scientific and mathematic ability. I believe that the skills I have obtained through academic and extra-curricular experience have served well as a magnificent foundation by giving me the confidence to work excellently under pressure and in a group.

During Year 12 Physics we covered the topic Forces and Motion where the maths behind physics is deeply explored. I was distinctly struck by projectile motion, as when you see an object moving, it may seem simple and uncomplicated, however analysing and understanding how and why the object moved in a certain direction and at a certain velocity was very interesting learn about the prospect of being involved with the engineering behind automobiles. I set out to find the qualities that are essential for becoming a successful engineer through reading about Nikola Tesla, Gustave Eiffel and many others. Amongst all these great engineers, Isambard Brunel inspired me the most. This is because although his projects were not always successful, he was often able to solve other long-standing engineering problems through innovative solutions that could be applied to these other problems.

Becoming a major Formula 1 enthusiast really took my passion for engineering to another level. The speed F1 cars are able to reach is palpable and the fact that the aerodynamics required for the cars to generate the downforce to perform at this speed, is designed and built by humans inspires to be involved in such a project. I read an article which delved deep into a Formula One team and explained the importance of all the engineers involved. Each team contains on average 3,000 engineers, working on just two cars, this stood out significantly for me as it put into perspective how complexed the smallest components on an F1 car are such as the steering wheel. Work experience with Costain and Skanska introduced me to the demands involved in the field of engineering. Having a positive attitude and a good relationship with colleagues proved very important in sustaining a strong workforce under high pressure. Observing and shadowing the engineers helped me understand the dexterity involved in a job like this. Witnessing the business aspect of engineering enlightened me on different dimensions involved with being an engineer. Being introduced to clause 31 and 32 left me wanting to learn more about the business aspect of engineering, so to do this I read ‘Business and commercial aspects of engineering’ by John Hunt where he explored ways in which business and commercial considerations affect manufacturing, product design and quality assurance. I played in my secondary school’s football and rugby, as well as a football team outside of school and, have occasionally captained my team, where I have realised the importance of a positive mentality, creative and innovative thinking to achieve the goal set.

My extra-curricular activities in and out of school have enhanced my ability to lead a group. I joined stem club at the beginning of year 12 and this has contributed to the improvement of my problem-solving skills which has helped me significantly in my maths modules and physics. I am currently working part-time at Brands Hatch Race Circuit. I play the piano and am currently working on towards grade 6; piano allows me to improve my thinking skills on the spot. My schedule is very busy and challenges me to manage my time carefully making time for all aspects. I am always challenging my own understanding and I believe that I have the right attitude, skills and personality for this degree. I feel that a career in engineering will make good use of my strengths.

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