PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

Submitted by Luke

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

Submitted by Luke

I am part of the 6% of care leavers wishing to enter higher education. My journey through education has been testing at times but, as a result of hard work, tenacity and determination, I am ready and eager to commence undergraduate engineering studies and shape my future.

I am a problem solver. I developed this skill at a young age through my hobby as a computer programmer. I completed tasks, such as, making a PHP system talk to a python programme and creating automatic encryption for the files on my computer. I have continued to hone this skill during my research concerning the mechanics of drones and the different concepts such as weight distribution. More often than not engineering concerns solving problems in order to design, construct and operate mechanical systems. I feel that I possess this vital skill that will enable me to tackle my studies with zeal.

I developed my interest in engineering by watching a YouTube channel by engineer Colin Furze. His videos consist of projects where he constructs contraptions, such as, a giant swing whilst relaying the building process. These videos provide insight into the engineering mentality, how to collect resources for a project and the art of effective communication. Colin’s thermite gun was, by far, my favourite project! Furthermore, for some time, I have played an engineering version of Minecraft called Voltz. This game involves different teams of players building bases and engineering advanced technology such as ICBMs, force fields, teleporters and space travel. Here I experienced the satisfaction that comes with completing a project.

More recently I experienced engineering disciplines in a university setting. At Southampton University, I attended ‘Isaac Physics’ events where teaching involved advanced Maths-like vectors, differentiation and circular motion in order to find the motion of planets around a solar system. I gained a real appreciation for the importance of maths and physics in an undergraduate setting and beyond.

In addition, I was accepted onto the University of Cambridge ‘HE+ programme’. Here I learned about Mandelbrot sets, group theory, dimensional analysis and how many cups of tea an atom bomb’s energy could make! Not only this, in April 2017, I attended a University of Cambridge Maths Masterclass. I attended lectures in applicable and theoretical maths, including cryptography, proof by induction and axioms of maths. This experience taught me that, at University, I will prefer my studies to include the application of theoretical maths to real life situations.

I consider that I will make a valuable contribution to University life. At college I have participated actively in extra curricular activities. As a member of the debating team I represented my former college in a competition involving local colleges successfully winning the debate ‘Should the government privatize the NHS?’. The ability to analysis a problem is essential in many aspects of daily life and I relish the challenge to refine this skill.

Secondly I was a Care Ambassador for Hampshire Country Council which involved being the focal point and advocate for children in care. I met regularly with a variety of people including senior managers in order to discuss concerns and pragmatic solutions. This role involved supporting other young people in order to help them remain in education. This role has inspired me to go to university.

Finally I was an LGBT ambassador at my former school where I helped facilitate an environment where people could feel comfortable. This involved working closely with other students and senior management in order to implement procedures that addressed bullying. It was by far my proudest contribution to my school.

Going to University to read a demanding subject, such as engineering, is particularly significant for me. It is a challenge that excites me and one that I intend to approach with enthusiasm and a robust work ethic.

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