PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Mechanical Engineering (Foundation) H308 Personal Statement

Submitted by Monsef

Mechanical Engineering (Foundation) H308 Personal Statement

Submitted by Monsef

Born in a war-torn country, I was not used to seeing buildings with complex structures. Migrating to the UK introduced me to a new world. 4 years old, when I first came to Manchester, driving by the Beetham Tower and I could not take my eyes of it. It stood out because it was different and unique. I look not only at a building's exterior beauty but also imagine how the interior structure might be developed. Although it takes a team to bring an idea of a building together and make it reality, there must be that person with a creative spark to give meaning to it, the Architect.

A few projects in Manchester have taken my interest, one of them being Urban Splash. It's an organisation that builds affordable homes around Manchester and other cities. They restore old buildings while respecting its environment. Another project is the £200 million blueprint that former footballers Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville want to bring to life. It consists of two bronze skyscrapers that will include luxury apartments. Although this sounds like a great idea, there are environmental concerns as it will strip away some of the city centre's history. Having done work experience last summer at BDP, a major international practice of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists, I have never been so sure that architecture is the right path for me. During the week experience, I learned that you must align your interests with your clients. This means that you must be a good listener, have good teamwork skills and to be understanding. I am studying 3D Design, Mathematics and Physics as my A-levels. 3D design will help me work on my ability to create an effective and clear portfolio. Mathematics and physics will prepare me for a course in architecture, as they are both challenging subjects that both require problem solving. Physics will strengthen my ability for the engineering side of architecture. The development of these skills will aid me through university. I have taken part in NCS, which strengthened teamwork, communication and learning to live on a budget. I have also completed the Manchester Access Programme, which welcomed me into university life and put me into the shoes of a university student.

In High School, I tried to take part in as many enrichment activities as possible. I was a member of the year 8 and year 9 'Debate Mate' teams, the school football team (attending weekly practice and participating in tournaments, Manchester United foundation from year 7 to year 10 and school Handball team in year 10. I also represented my form in basketball and football inter-house tournaments every year; winning football inter-house for four years. Engaging in these has strengthened my leadership and teamwork skills because to play competitive sports with a desire to win, you need to motivate others as well as yourself. Now I organise football, tennis and basketball sessions with friends every week. In my free time, I like to exercise. Play football, basketball and tennis weekly with friends allows me to release stress but also learn. Organising these allows to me maintain a social life which is important. These sports are competitive and require strategic thinking to win. I also go to the gym four times a week.

At home, I try to read as much as I can: fantasy fictions, biographies, and business novels. Reading and taking notes of useful quotes allows me to gather as much knowledge as possible. Art and music also takes up a lot of my free time. My lifelong ambition is to become the greatest Architect, which is possible because I believe human creativity has no limits. I know that this course is one of the longest courses but because of my love for architecture, I want to start this new chapter of my life. I will bring an unmatched work ethic to this course.

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