PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

Submitted by Tomas

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

Submitted by Tomas

After completing my final year of secondary school, I had finally realised my academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as the subjects I enjoyed the most. I felt that I exceeded at mathematics and the sciences, mostly due to my curious nature and ability to draw logical connections that many may not see. Because of this, it was natural for me to study Maths, Chemistry and Biology at A level.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in sixth form, and I have discovered that my favourite parts of my current subjects include the study of Mechanics and any practical work in Chemistry and Biology. As Mechanics combines Physics with Maths this has really helped me to appreciate the application of Maths in the real-worId, reinforcing my interest and helping me to develop a broader array of skills in the subject. In both Chemistry and Biology I've loved doing practical work since year 7 as it allowed me to see for experience how all of the theory behind reactions and biological structures accumulate into things we take for granted today. My interests now lie in the real world applications of these subjects.

I have found the theory behind these subjects intriguing, whichis why having the opportunity to study in any of these areas at university is so appealing to me. Another part of university that I'm excited for is the added independence I'll have. Free periods felt natural for me, as it allowed me to study and better understand the parts of my subjects in which I was weaker in. I also look forward to meeting like-minded people at university, as I look forward to being around those with similar aspirations and interests as me. One aspect I'm interested in are the societies, as I enjoy a range of sports and hobbies, such as rugby, fitness and running.

At my current school there are no official clubs or groups for these, making it difficult to pursue any team based sports. However, there were a few opportunities at my school to take part in extra-curricular activities, such as Vic Medics. This was a weekly biology related club where we would do a weekly dissection on various organs and animals, gaining a better knowledge of anatomy in addition to that taught in the classroom. I feel that studying any of my preferred subjects at university will open up many options for the careers I want to get involved in.

I have also participated in multiple academic competitions, such as the county based quiz called "Top of the Form", ran by the defence company BAE, which followed the same principles as the television program of the same name. Eight schools in Cumbria participate, and I was in my school's team in both year 10 and year 11, where we came 2nd in year 10 and got to the semi-finals in year 11. During my work experience at secondary school I attended a week at the engineering company Siemens, where I constructed deep sea cables alongside the permanent workers. This helped me to realise my potential to pick up practical skills with relative ease and the confidence to tackle new tasks independently.

More recently, I have worked part time as a waiter at a local hotel (Lakeside Hotel, Cumbria), where I gained experience in independent working, tackling new challenges daily, keeping composure under stressful customer-facing circumstances and most importantly a developed sense of priority and time management. I am eager and enthusiastic about studying at university and realising the many opportunities and challenges it brings.

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