PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Medicine Personal Statement

Submitted by Haroon

Medicine Personal Statement

Submitted by Haroon

The decision to study medicine isn't one made upon one mind-blowing experience or a childhood dream, but in fact, it's made upon the accumulation of various experiences including studying human anatomy, my work experience and volunteering and a keenness to work with and for other people have reinforced my belief that studying medicine is the right choice for me.

While studying AS Biology, human anatomy was something that fascinated me. To further my learning, I underwent a 'Massive Open Online Course' (MOOC) about Human Anatomy where I learnt more about the functions and features of organs and a case study involving a patient who had a stroke. For my work experience, I spent a few days at two different GP practices. I witnessed a round at a local nursing home which specialised in people with dementia. Having had Dementia training and becoming a Dementia Friend, I recognised the doctor's careful yet calm and considerate approach while routine checks were being completed. During a different consultation with a young man about anxiety, I was able to note the more reassuring and diligent tone the doctor took. These differing experiences highlighted to me the adaptability in approach needed when dealing with the different problems and people. I also saw the formulation of an end-of-life care plan with discussions relating to a Do Not Resuscitate order and while this is a challenging aspect of medical care, it is one that I understand needs to be done with dignity and respect for the patient and their families. Additionally, I observed a particularly interesting consultation in which a young man was given a diagnosis of Klinefelter syndrome. I used my knowledge of genetics from A-Level Biology to understand the how the additional X chromosome can result in abnormal growth and infertility, the doctor approached these sensitive topics with understanding and compassion. This was a valuable experience for me to witness as I feel I have these skills but I am eager for them to develop to reach the level of professionalism a career in medicine entails.

From July of this year, I have volunteered at a local care home for 2 hours a week. My role consists of talking to residents as well as playing games such as skittles and dominoes and generally keeping residents company. My time volunteering allowed me to interact with residents with Dementia as well as those with limited mobility. During my time, I witnessed the effect that loneliness had on some of the residents who didn't have many visitors and while I was able to devote a little bit of my time solely on them, it was plain to see the simple pleasure shown by the residents in return. Further highlighting to me the gratification of a career in medicine.

Outside of school, I have played Cricket since the age of 8 and have played for both Adult and Junior sides for my club. I have also had the privilege of captaining a side as well; I feel being captain helped improve my motivating and communicating skills. As well as this I coached some of the younger kids for 1 hour a week, allowing them to enjoy themselves but also improving skills such as batting and fielding. Also, I am currently working as a Customer Service Assistant at Waitrose. This has put me in positions with challenging customers which has allowed me to develop a calm and professional mannerism. While in school, I mentored a Y8 student during form time who was struggling in maths and while I managed to advance her ability in maths, I also feel I was able to boost her self-confidence as well. As well as this I had the honour of representing my form as a form rep. This meant that my peers had trust in me to convey their concerns with the senior leadership team.

The prospect of studying medicine is very appealing to me, the continuous learning does no deter me but in fact, highlights to me the stimulating nature of the vocation. Imperatively, I know I have the character and devotion to prosper in such a rewarding profession.

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