PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Medicine Personal Statement

Submitted by Subhasis

Medicine Personal Statement

Submitted by Subhasis

The undiagnosed death of a relative in India, which was later found to be caused by sepsis, sparked my interest in investigative medicine. Sadly, in his situation his condition was irreversible. This highlighted to me that although medicine has advanced incredibly over the years, treatment is not infallible; prompting my desire to contribute to the progression of this dynamic field.

While visiting an international hospital, I contrasted my experience with the National Healthcare System. Regardless of the financial pressures preventing the hospital having excellent facilities, the doctors' medical professionalism ensured the quality of care provided was not compromised. This conveyed that a doctor's competence could hugely impact upon a patient's wellbeing. I aspire to fulfil such a role as a medical professional. During a voluntary placement at the 'Missionaries of Charity' in India, I interacted with handicapped children. I witnessed how a doctor's responsibility went beyond formal duties to ensure patients are given long-term care. Seeing the poverty around me, in the midst of carers tending children who would otherwise be abandoned on the streets, conveyed to me the dignity of a doctor's role in society.

For the last three years, I have been an active volunteer at a residential home. Observing the diminishing memories of dementia sufferers has heightened my fascination about the disorder. Determined to raise awareness on this issue, I coordinated after school dementia sessions and helped organise the launch of a 'dementia-friendly' garden in our local community, which have strengthened my empathetic, and time-management skills.

My Extended Project was inspired from reading an article on the emerging area of research into modifying the ecosystem of species within our intestinal microbiomes, to lower the global obesity threat. This is currently due for publication by the Young Scientist. Undertaking this task has greatly enhanced my motivation to contribute to the scientific field. Further exploring my enthusiasm for scientific research, I became a team leader for our school's MBP research project, where we are investigating the effects of phosphorylation in the Myelin Basic Protein on the development of Multiple Sclerosis. My powers of communication have developed in the lab whilst teaching pupils practical skills such as Western blotting.

Last year, I shadowed a consultant urologist through ward rounds. What especially surprised me was that, while doctors are accustomed to handling unexpected situations, much of their daily routine involves methodical tasks as highlighted in Gawande's 'The Checklist Manifesto'. Reading this book has reinforced the importance of achieving consistency in practice to minimise cases of medical errors. I enjoy working with others, conducting various pastoral roles as a member of the Head Student team. Through my volunteering activities, such as maths tutoring, I have gained skills of logical approaches to problem solving.

Moreover, speaking to trauma sufferers and teaching children languages has strengthened my conversational skills with a wide variety of audiences. Having spoken to healthcare professionals, I fully appreciate that in medicine it is important to achieve a work-life balance. I have a passion for Bharatanatyam dancing, having performed nationally for over eight years.

This has built my confidence from an early age and kept me grounded to my cultural roots. I believe the experiences I have gained so far have allowed me to develop my love of science and society. Medicine would allow me to flourish in an environment where I can explore my intellectual curiosity whilst being on a journey of self-growth - a combination which would be the most rewarding.

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