PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Politics and Law Personal Statement

Submitted by Morgan

Politics and Law Personal Statement

Submitted by Morgan

Political decisions made affect our lives. This is something that drives me to pursue a future in politics. I wish to study Politics and Law at University to expand my knowledge of the political world, in relation to the law and how political decisions impact the world around us and society rules.

Studying History, Politics and Psychology at A-Level has given me a passion, particularly with the issue of Brexit, and the controversy it has created, whereby I have been able to form opinions and respond effectively in debates. Another issue I feel passionately about is reform to the House of Lords; I feel its methods are too traditional and have not kept up to date with modern politics, especially as politics is an ever changing subject. The UK and US constitution is something I am currently studying in Politics, which has encouraged me to pursue a degree in the law, I am deeply intrigued by the different styles of constitutions, as it is the fundamental basis for what a country stands for and tolerates, as a guidance for citizens to live by. I also find eyewitness testimonies interesting, especially how words that have been manipulated can change a persons answer when interviewed about an event. For me, this sparked further curiosity into the rules of law and how lawyers in cases interpret and present information. It is a fascinating prospect that people construe certain words differently, which has an impact on the final decision made by courts in hearings.

We live in politically eventful times, and researching the attack on the world trade centre and various terrorist attacks in London has made me question the world around us and how security is a huge part of our society, I’ve realised the importance of law and order, especially how it keeps society under control, a society in which citizens know their rights and freedoms. Not only this but the decisions made in Parliament that contribute to this security are fundamental, such as the Supreme Courts rulings that reinterpret Law with judicial review. A case I find particularly engaging is the Belmarsh case, which I researched to be able to understand the complexities of law. Security of the country is vital; however, in this case it was to the detriment of unfortunate civilians, who were innocent. Here, politics and the law are fused, and this is what fascinates me.

I am very experienced in the world of work, volunteering in my local Pilgrims Hospice charity shop during the holidays. The experience helped me to understand the importance of a community, and its place in relation to local politics and how financial support, as well as a healthy environment, is important for businesses to thrive, in a competitive society. Currently I am working in a Restaurant and newsagents at the weekends, which is giving me practical working experience with customers and overcoming difficult situations professionally and logically. Last academic year I took part in the Young Enterprise scheme to create a business in a team and gain valuable transferable skills in finance and trading, this included volunteering to help present our hard work and portray to local businesses the cost-benefit of the product to a panel of judges and competing enterprises; this increased my confidence in public speaking dramatically.

Outside of the classroom I have participated in a range of sport teams, such as hockey, netball and rounders, where for each I contributed in a 1st XI team. I won an excellence award for Netball and Rounders at the end of the academic year. This sporting experience has given me the opportunity to work effectively in a team and work to the best of my ability.

Achieving a degree in Politics and Law, would enable me to expand my knowledge from University to being able to work in my local government, therefore contributing to my community and its citizens. I believe a healthy government at a local level helps strengthen the government as a whole to function in the interests of everyone.

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