PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Politics with Economics BA Personal Statement

Submitted by Mik

Politics with Economics BA Personal Statement

Submitted by Mik

Economic and political principles are undoubtedly key in our daily lives and influence the decisions that shape them. Establishing the relationship between economics and politics helps us to gain a crucial understanding into how the world works and why certain things occur. I am fascinated by this and that is what has driven my desire to study economics and politics. I also study History at A Level. I believe that this has enabled me to put this into context in more detail as I am also learning about the origins of these political mind-sets and how they have influenced a country’s economic policies and effect this can have on the wider world. My interest in politics developed whilst studying the international relations module of my GCSE History GCSE course where I gained an insight into what different political factors caused the cold war and how relations between the different superpowers improved and deteriorated over time.

Although I did not study Economics before A level, I always had an underlying passion for the subject starting from my interest in events such as the Great recession of 2008. Through learning about the government’s use of different forms of fiscal and monetary policy to help rescue the economy, my passion for economics grew. It felt as though I was part of the making of history. I had read about the Great Depression of the 1930s – here I was living through another recession.

I have developed my understanding of both Economics and Politics by attending various talks and debates which have increased my knowledge around the subject areas through learning beyond the curriculum at a higher level. In April 2017, I attended the grand final of the Institute of Economic Affairs economics debate between the London School of Economics, Oxford University and University College London debate about pressing economic issues including a cost-benefit analysis of Brexit, an event which will shape the British economic and political landscape for years to come. I also attended a talk by Professor David Harvey on ‘Karl Marx, Capital and the Madness of Economic Reason’ at the London School of Economics in September 2017, where he explained what Karl Marx, a key political and economic thinker, believed about capital and the influence that he had on many modern-day ideologies. Attending these various lectures, debates and talks did not only enhance my knowledge around the subject, but it also gave me valuable insight to what university learning is like in terms of the teaching and the lectures that are provided. This has fuelled my passion for studying these two subjects in more depth at university.

I am a keen member of various societies at school that are directly related to the two subjects including the Economic society, the Politics society, the Current affairs society, the Social sciences society and the Debating society. I particularly enjoy the debating society as we sometimes hold ‘Question time’ style debates which often get very heated indeed. I have also delivered talks and presentations on the subject matter, and this has greatly enhanced my public speaking skills. For example, I delivered a talk at the Economics society about the market for iPhones where I talked about its price elasticity of demand, price elasticity of supply, cross elasticity of demand and the factors that influence both its supply and demand. My active involvement and dedication to these societies show my passion for the subject area and my thirst for knowledge.

I have also developed many of the skills needed to flourish on this course through many extracurricular activities that are an important aspect of my life. Through my school life, I have been part of groups such as the Student Leadership team and the School council which have helped strengthen my teamwork and my leadership. I was also awarded the prestigious ‘100 tie’ at my school due to my representation of the school in many different activities such as rugby, football, athletics, music and drama. In Summer 2017, I felt privileged to have been part of the team that represented my school on a senior rugby tour of Canada and the USA, in which I was able to experience a different way of living and the culture by staying with host families. I enjoy meeting people and engaging with different cultures and this enhanced my inter-personal skills. I also completed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award and NCS with The Challenge in which I experienced physical and social challenges that I had to overcome; whilst also improving and showcasing my verbal communication and personal drive.

I volunteered at my local Cancer Research shop during weekends and holidays for two years and I worked on a short-term contract as a Customer service assistant at Waitrose. I also gained a two-week internship at Grays Inn Law Chambers because I wanted an insight into the Law profession, which I have considered as a possible option once I complete my first degree. I am confident that degree in Politics and Economics will allow me to study my favourite subjects and open up a range of career options once I leave University.

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