PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Economics and Politics Personal Statement

Submitted by Harry

Economics and Politics Personal Statement

Submitted by Harry

The leaders of today are not like the leaders of the past; government officials have great power and influence upon our world, but it is the 'titanic thinkers' of today that are leading our society, such as the likes of Elon Musk and Larry Page, both of whom have inspired me greatly. The integration of economics and politics through the development of the monetary system with the ever increasing involvement of entrepreneurs in government excites me as they are carving the future of politics and economics.

I am an entrepreneurial and confident character with inquisitive tendencies always splintering my mind; this is shown from my public speaking and investment meetings at places such as the NEC. This is where my passion for Political science has come from. Shadowing a local MP and discussing many issues such as the consequences of Brexit, regarding the psychological impact on current EU leaders, was a pivotal experience for me. Whilst shadowing my MP I also joined the Conservative Future, and established an internal group, who are tested on educating young voters. What encompasses my passion for politics is the 'stage' of influence it creates which can be used as a platform to really make an impact on global issues. This is exactly why my drivers are curiosity and adventure; I want to explore the constructs of politics. After reading a piece of literature called 1984, my burning desire to want to understand more about politics has increased, as it has highlighted the complex make up of leadership and political techniques which regulate day to day life. Without the monetary system and macro and micro economic principles our society would collapse. The development of cryptocurrency like bitcoin and the increase in block chain technologies amazes me, as they are gradually reducing the reliance on the stock market, whilst cutting out financial institutions. I have been running my own company for eighteen months now called T-Junction Photography and have been very successful. It has given me an in depth prospective on the inner workings of business and has widened my outlook on the idea that our lives are orientated around the principals of macro and micro economics. Hence my interest in extending my knowledge on this link between politics and economics, and developing my schema regarding how business and foreign relationships are affected due to the consequences of a disconnect between economics and politics. History has not just given me the foundation for analytical assessment, nor has it just widened my outlook on current affairs and events, but it has taught me a vital lesson that the past is pivotal for future advancement. Through dissecting previous occurrences it has allowed me to develop a global, non-ethnocentric opinion on discussion and debate. Psychology has laid the foundation for a diverse perspective on how we exist as human beings. Through interrogating the concepts and principals of the mind, psychology has allowed cognitive excellence in understanding the reasoning behind executive decisions. Business has not just taught me the essential theory of the monetary system, but has aided in the building of my own company, through giving me the essential knowledge for being able to run my own business.

The challenges ahead are clear however my ambitious, determined nature, along with my extracurricular activities- including playing high level cricket will ensure this potential obstacle doesn't materialise. I have an enterprising perception on life and the world around me thus I feel a degree orientated around these subject areas, will give me the necessary knowledge and an opportunity to achieve my ambition, through providing the constructs of a multitude of potential career paths, and allowing me to answer the looming questions humanity has regarding politics and economics: I want to deeply understand these fundamental principles so that I can become a 'Titanic Thinker', and evolve into a catalyst for change.

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