PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE International Relations (with Year in Industry) Personal Statement

Submitted by Ash

International Relations (with Year in Industry) Personal Statement

Submitted by Ash

Politics and International Relations has been a long-lived passion of mine since GCSE History encouraged me to read beyond the scope of a textbook. Constantly browsing through academic journals by the likes of GL Weinberg assured me that my interest resided within studying politics on a global scale, analysing various ideologies.

A crucial factor that led to me wanting to study this course was my role in the European Youth Parliament and Cambridge Schools Debates. I have participated in a variety of competitions where global issues have been discussed, for example, the introduction of EU style labour laws in Less Economically Developed Countries.

My passion for debating has edified me academically by making me challenge a range of political thinking which could be applied to the study of international politics, scrutinising political systems in my own and foreign countries. Actively campaigning on behalf of global development bodies such as Amnesty International has given me an opportunity to learn about the increased 'modernisation' of LEDC's, a topic that is personal to me.

Originating from Asia as well as being British has ignited my interest in comparative politics, particularly making me question whether Britain's western model of representation should be seen as an innovator of the ideal political world. I believe my role as a campaigner has been useful for this course because it has assisted me with learning about the changing dynamic between citizens and the state in numerous countries which is creating a more 'modern' world. I have also volunteered at Barnardo's which has allowed me to further educate myself about the impact lobbying organisations have on Westminster and internationally. Volunteering for such pressure groups has helped me expand upon my knowledge of the current political world. Government and Politics A-level has advanced my passion for international relations as it specifically allows me to compare and contrast political institutions in Europe and America, for example, the way in which the ECHR and USA supreme court protect people from arbitrary state power. I have also been able to study the role of government in international affairs, an important interest of mine being the UK's struggle for Mosul.

This course would certainly allow me to investigate the significance of politics on a global scale and enhance my understanding of the world around me. History and English Literature A level have both helped reveal my passion for international politics. History has allowed me to analyse the political impact genocide can have on a country; specifically, I have studied Russian history. For example, the idea of Stalin wanting Russia to become the beacon of Communist ideology has made me question whether Russia is a great power today because of it; International studies would allow me to further examine the progression of this vision.

I have enjoyed reading political literature as a part of English literature A-level. For example, recently I have analysed the play 'Far Away' by Caryl Churchill which explores the idea of hard labour. This play, in particular, has interested me in the study of the developing world and the theories associated with globalisation which I hope to learn about at your university. I have come to realise that international politics is the key to a forward-looking world. Thinking politically, comparing and analysing theories has allowed me to become more enlightened about the world as we know it. I hope to become a high ranking civil servant one day, being a part of the diplomatic world and building a stable future as a bureaucrat begins with captivating knowledge to help other countries. The determination to help my own and foreign countries unite in understanding is what makes me a suitable candidate for this course.

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