PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Social Science (Foundation) Personal Statement

Submitted by Anisa

Social Science (Foundation) Personal Statement

Submitted by Anisa

After researching all areas of law, criminal law is one of the aspects that enticed me into wanting to study the subject. This is due to the serious issues in society such as murder, rape and robbery which is dealt within the court room and it has always fascinated me, how justice is served. As crimes are being committed every day, people are not getting the justice they deserve therefore inspired me to enhance my knowledge of law and pursue a career as a criminal lawyer. Law has become incredibly interesting after attending the Behind Bars Conference, where I was able to gain an insight into the Penal system from released prisoners. I used my oral communication skills to speak with individuals and acquire an understanding of prison life and discover whether it was a place of punishment or rehabilitation.

By studying, sociology, history and philosophy and ethics, I have strengthened my ability to interrogate and analyse how demanding the society we live in is. Sociology has allowed me to understand that law is part of socialisation that is accepted in society. History has enabled me to compare eras where laws have been drawn or adapted to the on-going changing society. Philosophy and Ethics has demonstrated my ability to debate the ongoing conflict between religion and the legal system.

During my school time, I have participated in the Brilliant Club where I undertook lessons with a PhD tutor and completed dissertations based on democracy. The project developed my time management skills such as producing essays with a deadline. In the Extended Project Qualification, I did extensive research and analysis on ‘How is God Omnibenevolent when there is suffering occurring in the world?’ This project, developed my confidence in presenting and debating.

Engaging in charity events has developed positive traits such as integrity and determination. Participating in causes for people in need has improved my character virtues. I had the honour of attending a school where I had a discussion with students about the misinterpretations of Islam and how it felt like being a British Muslim woman in contemporary society. Due to the success of the talk, I was invited again to lead another discussion. I had the privilege to mentor students with learning difficulties. This allowed me to use my knowledge, leadership skills and responsibility towards them.

By attending the Birmingham Magistrates Court, it enabled me to gain an insight on the judicial system. I was fortunate to gain an understanding on cases that were dealt by experienced lawyers. I was also invited to a Humans Rights talk that introduced me to how the government sets out laws to protect individuals. It helped me develop my debating skills by answering and questioning certain topics.

When it comes to interests outside of academic study, I am a daily social media user thus I am up to date with the news and world affairs. I tend to spend my time watching Ted Talks that discusses global issues.

Work experience was carried out at a solicitor’s firm dealing with Immigration and accident claims. I observed clients meeting with the use of attendance notes for reference and discussed individual cases with other solicitors. This placement enabled me to learn organisational skills when producing files for cases. I volunteered to be a sales assistant at the British Heart Foundation. I advised and served customers with knowledge of the products. I provided the level of customer service that the company is known for thus honing my communications and interpersonal capabilities.

I want to study Law at University, as I would be interested in expanding my academic knowledge and understanding. Law is such a versatile subject that will allow me to grow as an individual and open my path in the future. I believe that University is a place for me to exercise my learning. I look forward to my time at University where the degree would be a stepping stone in fulfilling my career aspiration.

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