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Discover personal statement examples written by students accepted onto sports science and related courses. Read through the examples to help shape your own personal statement.

Sports Science Personal Statement Advice

Your Sports Science personal statement is the final piece of the puzzle for your UCAS application. Your personal statement is a university’s chance to get to know you better and to see what kind of person you are. Your Sports Science personal statement is a chance to show your passion in the subject. Afterall, passion is what sells a personal statement more than anything at all. Universities are obviously interested in your extracurricular activities and your achievements, but overall, the passion and the interest is always going to be the clincher. Don’t worry too much about writing your Sports Science personal statement. It doesn’t need to be War and Peace, you will have plenty of characters to use up (some even find it too small!) and you will have ample opportunities to touch on the things you need to touch on. If you are still struggling with your Sports Science personal statement, then we recommend using these three elements as a starting-off point: Talk about your love and passion for Sports Science. Any relevant work experience in the world of Sports Science. Any achievements, academic or otherwise. Before writing your Sports Science personal statement, you should look at some Sports Science personal statement examples beforehand. These examples will give you an insight into the structure you need to use, the tone you should use and what kind of things you should be including in your own Sports Science personal statement.

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