PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Sport and Exercise Science Personal Statement

Submitted by Edward

Sport and Exercise Science Personal Statement

Submitted by Edward

I have always immersed myself fully in the world of sport, whether that be through playing it myself or keeping up to date with developments, results and inquests through news articles. The sporting world is an exciting yet demanding aspect of today's society, with the ability to unite nations by providing a global language which everyone can understand, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religious beliefs. Its importance can be appreciated through observing its valuable contribution to communities and the economy, as well as to the individuals who participate. Sports science has the capacity to push an athlete's body to the limit both physically and through the use of technology.

My interest in the science of sport started at a young age when I became intrigued by how the body works during exercise. My A-Level subjects of Biology, Physical Education and Business Studies have further fuelled my interest in this area, allowing me to extend my scientific understanding of how body systems operate, as well as introducing me to the commercialisation involved, and the relationship between the media and sport.

Studying PE has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the theoretical underpinning of sport, ranging from sports psychology, to the biomechanics of musculoskeletal movement. Biology has allowed me to become more confident with practical laboratory work and mathematical skills, as I have gained experience of devising and carrying out investigations and using statistical analysis to assess the significance of my results. Many of the areas covered over both of these courses intertwine with one another, meaning I've been able to reinforce my knowledge in areas such as the anatomy of the human body and physiological processes, such as those involved in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In particular I enjoyed investigating ways in which the human body responds to exercise and ways in which injuries can be prevented or rehabilitated.

I have been involved in a host of sporting activities ranging from an inter-school downhill skiing event, club football, and school rugby matches, which I have played competitively for 5 years. After studying the muscular system at A Level, I took up weight training to aid my performance in my main sports, which are rugby and football. I am determined to pursue them further in the future and I am looking forward to playing sport at a higher level at university. I have always believed sport to be a positive challenge and a chance to socialise and meet new people as well as the chance to be part of a team. With rugby being my chosen sport in PE, I have been involved in a volunteering programme at my school. This has allowed me to work alongside teachers to enthuse and encourage young children in the hope that they too will share the same passion for sport. This experience has developed my leadership skills and I am often required to demonstrate the correct technique for certain movements.

I have assisted in developing a programme in order progressively to build on their confidence when performing and to educate them on the rules of rugby. This has allowed me to advance my communication skills and understand the importance of simplifying key ideas into smaller components to aid understanding. I have developed my teamwork skills through decision making and problem-solving in group situations. With this in mind, I feel I can positively contribute to lab work and discussions surrounding sport. I am also a self-motivated person with an ability to persevere without necessarily needing encouragement from others. The way the Olympics has united countries and their motto- 'citius, altius, fortius' or 'faster, higher, stronger'- has encouraged people to strive for their full potential. I look forward to studying and researching ways to drive athletes to achieve their maximum performance.

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