PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Education (Primary) Personal Statement

Education (Primary) Personal Statement

I believe teachers are given the opportunity to set the foundations of a prosperous future, not only for individual children but for our society as a whole.  Although this is a huge responsibility, I also believe that through the education of children, we are able to deliver children the opportunity to find a future which they enjoy, and this is a responsibility which is very much worth working towards. Overcoming the hardships involved in working with young people in such a transitional and dynamic time of their lives will be a challenge, but I believe the reward of seeing children flourish is more than worth the effort and dedication required.

I have chosen this course in particular as it is a vital step in my path towards teaching, and one which can equip me not only with the skills required to teach, but with the skills required to engage pupils in subjects which they require to form the basis of their education [this will be extended once I work out if I am doing a subject joint with education/which subject]. I am extremely interested in the sociological aspect of this course, as it is fundamental, in my opinion, that we understand the social issues surrounding childhood, e.g. the creation of childhood as a concept or racism in education, if we are to more adequately raise children in a society based in equality.

I spend most Sundays caring for my younger cousins (from infancy to the age of 11) which has created a passion for helping the young. Likewise, I spend around four to five hours each week voluntarily helping young people on the website ‘7 Cups’, which involves helping them through issues such as bullying, stress, and family issues. I have dedicated time to reading research of education, with the book ‘Racism and Education’ in particular standing out as a hugely important collection of essays.

My A2 and AS level choices have equipped me with skills which will benefit my further education and work with young people. English Literature has been a passion of mine since year 7, and means that I have learnt key skills such as analytical techniques and different social perspectives, as well as empathy which is required in understanding the perspective of authors, which is essential for caring for young people. Similarly, History has given me an understanding of the modern education system and principles on which it is based, for example, universality. Psychology has involved a unit specifically focusing on childcare attachments in young children and the effects this can have in later life, and so I am more aware of the importance of high quality care and what that involves e.g. a high level of involvement in the work of each individual child, though of course this is difficult in the context of a classroom of children. Finally, and possibly most importantly, Sociology has given me a grasp of the social context in which we teach, i.e. the effect class, race, and gender have on children, and how teachers are responsible to educate themselves in regards to their own inherent cultural biases, meaning that we can combat the effects which these biases have on young people and our wider society.

[I'm currently searching for work experience and so I have not completed this section]

Going forwards, I hope to strive towards a career in primary teaching, wherein I will have the capabilities, upon completion of this course, to help enable children to reach their potential, both in terms of their educational success and their personal well-being.

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