Submitted by Nathan

Zoology Personal Statement

Submitted by Nathan

Just like many people, I was intrigued with animals and the natural world as a child, however unlike many, that enthusiasm has stayed with me up until the age of 17, and I can see this continuing for life. Despite all the technological advances of our time, I see Zoology and natural sciences in general a way to harmoniously humble the human race and bring us to face the reality that we're not the only ones on this planet. Studying a degree in Zoology, I hope to fuel my interest in this field even more and use a combination of passion and knowledge to work towards the best of my ability and pursue a career in the field in the future. I have built up an extensive fossil collection over the years made of ones I found myself or ones I've bought on auction, as I have a particular interest in evolutionary Zoology and I am eager about studying ancient life that walked the same earth that we live on today.

The subjects I have studied link in within natural earth sciences, in which Zoology is also a significant part of. Studying these subjects, Biology in particular due to the emphasis on practical skills, has enhanced my skills in data collection, handling and analysis in class of the theory we have covered, and has helped me understand techniques a Zoologist would use in academic practical environments such as quadrat fieldwork. Over the summer I was set a project on animal conservation, which further triggered my desire to study Zoology. Geography and Geology, naturally being earth sciences, have broadened my understanding of the earth's environment and is essential in zoology as the environment is a huge factor in the way in which species live. The aspect of archaeology that looks at bones of animals has advanced my skills with skeletal biology and essentially the foundations of how organisms work.

In addition to my studies, I have had 4 different part time jobs all in different environments. My first job involved delivering newspapers in a set time, showing I can work efficiently around tasks to meet a deadline. I have had part time temporary jobs at both Tesco and Next, at the Christmas and the Summer sale respectively, showing I can work effectively at busy high pressure situations, which has enhanced my time management skills, which I know will be a crucial part of life at university. I am currently a fully qualified football referee and I officiate 1 or 2 matches every week. This shows that I can work in an area of high responsibility and pressure and has also enhanced my ability as a leader as well as building up my mental strength, which has helped me a lot particularly in education along with everyday life. It also shows my ability to make decisions, work independently and be reliable as it involves filing reports in a short time space.

As well as work in employment and education I also enjoy spending free time revolved around my hobbies and interests. As an avid football fan, I spend time playing football with my friends and attending matches whenever I can. My other main interest outside of education is music; I love attending live music whether it be a world famous artist or a local band playing in the local venue. I tend to use music as a method of relaxation and stress relief after a busy day at college and have been collecting vinyl for a few years.

Being the oldest child in my family, I've handled responsibility and setting a mature example for people since a very young age and have transferred these skills into my career and education very efficiently. University will be an opportunity for me to further enhance my identity of being in a role of responsibility whilst also fulfilling my passion for exploring new places, meeting new people from all walks of life and most importantly, starting the next chapter of my life.Change wording to ‘in addition to my studies’.

Make more of being referee and say that this shows the ability to make decisions, to be reliable and to work independently. Also mention that you have to file reports in a timely manner.

Instead of ‘on top of football’ change to, in fact delete it and start with ‘my other main inteerest’. Don’t day gigs say you love listening to live music as it gives you a greater connectivity with the artist. Full stop after ‘pub’, and delete pub and use the word ‘venue’.

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