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University Interview Questions

University Interview Questions

University Interview Questions

University interviews are a very daunting thing, especially if you’ve never ever actually had an interview before or if you’re new to the world of university. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common university interview questions. Here we’ve provided you with university questions and answers, which give you a detailed breakdown of how best to answer the questions that are likely to come up.

Plenty of students that are applying to university are worried what university interview questions to ask. We can now solve your worries on the best answers to all your university interview questions needs. Whether it be University of Kent interview questions or any questions from University of Oxford, they are all a little different.

We’re happy to cover a different range of topics that the administrators may throw at you, whether it be a curveball to see how you react, don’t worry we’ve got you covered there too!

Tell us a bit about yourself/How would you describe yourself?

Describe everything about yourself, describe your hobbies. People want to know about you and what makes you tick, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase that.

What are you best at?

This question is designed to throw you off. This question means that you will have to start going into some not-so-humble-brags, but they will mainly just want to know what it is that you’re good at.

What are your main interests?

This is finding out about your hobbies. What are you interested in and why? These interests are often what define you as a person and what make you appealing for universities to take on, will you play sport at university – mention this as they will be interested what you take part in.

University Interview - Rugby

What courses have you taken?

This information is so that the university know what it is that you’ve done before, this can be a very difficult question to answer too, because you would have already answered it before you even applied, which will also serve to annoy you as you’ll feel that you’re repeating yourself.

How would you define your subject?

You’ll need, to sum up, what the course means to you, why you like it, why you’re studying it and why you’re looking to study it at the university you’re applying to. Our subject degree guides will give you a good idea of what the courses are about and what they may mean to you 

Why is your subject important?

This is where they’ll want to know why this subject means so much to you and what your views on the subject are and where you think the sector is heading.

What are the most important current developments in your subject?

This shows the university that you do actually have an interest in the subject itself and that you are paying attention to the changes and seeing their effects. A good thing to do is to sign up for Google Alerts and see what is happening in your subject’s sector at that time! 

Why are you taking a gap year?

If you’re taking a gap year, then a university will want to know why. It’s not a trick question, designed to trip you up! They’re genuinely interested in your reasons for doing so.

University Interview - Sitting on a bench

What are you planning to do on your gap year?

Why are you going to be taking a year out? Is there a reason for it and if so what is that reason? Universities will love to know why you’re doing this and what your reasons for this, don’t be shy! Especially if you have or are planning to retake your exams during a gap year

How does your gap year fit in with your career plans?

Taking a gap year can often fit in with what you want to do with your career and universities will want to know about why you took a gap year and if it will aid your career or your studies, this is also to see if you’re serious about the course that you’re studying too. Gap year and travelling is always a hot topic in university interviews! 

Are you good at working on your own?

This tests to see if you’re a good fit for the university, by finding out if you work well with others. If you don’t work well with people then they won’t want yo. University will teach you a lot about working with others too!

What opportunities have you had for exercising leadership?

Have you ever lead a team of people? Are you perhaps a manager in a job that you have or are you the captain of your football team or your other sporting team, if so, mention it, they will want to know.

Describe a situation where you were put under pressure

This really helps the university to know if you can actually deal with the pressures of university, the pressures of working hard and if you can withstand the amount of work you’re going to get. You’ll have a fair amount of pressure on you at university too, this is natural, so you’ll be able to see more about dealing with anxiety at university

What are your weaknesses?

Your weaknesses are an easy one for most students, but don’t focus on them too much! Mention a weakness and then talk about how you’re looking to improve on them, this will go down a lot better with universities then.

Tell me an achievement you are proud of…

This doesn’t mean an example of when you’ve given good customer service; this is more for something that you’ve done in your personal life that you’re proud of.

Why have you chosen to apply here?

This is a chance for you to sell the university the idea of their university. What you like about it and why it has appealed to you. Explain about what appeared in your UCAS Application, if you’re stuck! 

What is your school like?

This is a question that is designed to ask you to talk about the good aspects and the bad aspects of your school. A carefully weighted argument that appreciates all sides of the school, is the best approach possible.

Tell us about your A-Levels/BTEC.

This is where they want to know how you feel about your A-Levels, how do you feel about taking them, what is your favourite aspect of the subject and what is your least favourite, etc.…

Why did you choose your A-Levels/BTEC?

What was it about the A-Levels or BTEC that had you so impressed with them? This is a chance to show how deep-rooted your passion for the subject is. You’ll need to be thinking about this answer from A-Level results day, onwards! 

What is your motivation?

This is to see what makes you so interested in the subject that you’re studying. This is one of the questions that is there to test your commitment to the course and your interest.


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