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Uni Compare  · Feb 16th 2022

New Zealand is certainly high on the priorities of gap year students many wanting to see where Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were filmed.

New Zealand

The spectacular mountains, lakes and rainforests are just a few more experiences that are on a traveller’s long lists to do.

New Zealand is popular with gap year students to work, similar to Australia, but is also often a place visited, while travelling Australia. Backpackers tend to visit as it is an area that can be hard on finances, as the standard of living, in terms of finances, is the same as Australia, but wages are noticeably lower. Flights to and from Australia and New Zealand are very reasonable, another factor why it is very common to visit New Zealand, while in Australia.

However, this does not mean that people do not work in New Zealand all year round, as they do pay well. It’s important to not fall for the common gap year mistakes, make sure you set your budgets before you go and apply for jobs before you head over! Some of the jobs available are once in a lifetime opportunities, for example, tour guides of some of the most amazing rainforests and mountains are not jobs you can pick up anywhere in the world.

Christchurch, is the largest city in the South Island, was unfortunately hit by an earthquake in 2010 but is still in high demand for people working in construction. Whether you are skilled or not, there will be a huge amount of opportunities for backpackers to work.

Thinking of taking a gap year to New Zealand? A gap year in New Zealand will allow young people to undergo new experiences as well as learn about new cultures on the other side of the globe. Taking on a New Zealand gap year will offer new work experience and travel memories that will last a lifetime.

One reason people choose New Zealand gap year jobs is to be able to fund their travels while exploring a new country. Based south of Australia, the relatively new country has large wild landscapes and is surrounded by the pacific ocean (usefl if you're going to be doing an Ocean Studies degree).

The nature conservancy in New Zeland

Can you get gap year work in New Zealand?

Working in New Zealand in a gap year lets you earn cash whilst still enjoying yourself, although gap year jobs in New Zealand are on offer for explorers, the type of job you obtain may be limited by your temporary status. The country is home to vibrant cities, gorgeous coastlines, and friendly locals.

The cost of living is relatively low and the English-speaking country makes it easier for people to choose it as a destination. Gap year work in New Zealand doesn’t have to just be hospitality and retail - which is popular with those abroad - there are also professional internships available in major cities. Thriving companies offer internships to gap year individuals which you can apply either directly or via a third-party program.

What are New Zealand gap year programs?

Gap year programs in New Zealand can offer a structured trip where you don’t have to research and book every individual activity yourself. They can provide mountain climbing and scuba diving and multi-location experiences if you want to take on its neighbour Australia too.

A gap year in New Zealand and jobs go hand-in-hand, but if you want to add work and play to your you can book gap year programs in New Zealand for some part of your trip and earn money during a different part. New Zealand gap year tours can help you tick off all the things you want to see and visit in one go.

It’s best to plan well in advance though, the various New Zealand gap year programs that are available will need to be carefully planned and thought out, so make sure that you plan at least six months in advance for your New Zealand gap year adventure!

The nature conservancy in New Zeland

The best advice for finding gap year work in New Zealand

Gap year New Zealand jobs can make or break a planned trip if you are depending on the money for most of your travel. Before heading off you should research, save and organise your entire trip so you are prepared. Gap year working in New Zealand isn’t easy if you haven’t secured a position before setting off on the plane.

If you find yourself stuck looking for New Zealand work you should head out there with your student CV and try the local, hospitality and retail sectors. You could also seek out internships or gap year farm work in New Zealand, as the country is full of vast landscapes and is home to booming agriculture. However, bear in mind this type of work requires physical labour and long days, although it is still rewarding.

For anyone wanting to travel New Zealand in a gap year the best piece of advice is to ensure you have enough funds to do it. Although the country has a low cost of living in comparison to other countries, gap year travel in New Zealand still costs. That is why seeking work alongside your adventures can reduce this burden on your wallet.

Another option is to find boarding school gap year jobs in New Zealand if you have the right experience. This would depend on contacting the school in question and applying for positions that they have available. This is the same for gap year tutors in New Zealand which may be displayed via local agencies. The major cities in the country may also offer gap year teaching assistant New Zealand jobs if you have the right qualifications and experiences.

Is volunteering an option for a gap year in New Zealand?

It definitely is! Volunteering opportunities are all over the world including New Zealand. A volunteer gap year in New Zealand can easily be ventured on with local charities, working with the elderly or on local community projects.

If you’re traveling to more than one place, perhaps Australia and New Zealand gap year types of programs, you’ll be able to find volunteer work in both countries. A lot of young people choose to visit both countries due to their close proximity and their various cultural experiences that they hold. Before heading out it’s good practice to read up on a blog for a gap year in New Zealand to be able to find out what it is really like to venture abroad and to the countries down under. You could even start your own blog and call it ‘my gap year in New Zealand’ while you document your experiences on your travels!

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