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South Africa Holidays

Ben Maples  · Oct 5th 2020

This has been a very well visited place by students too, people loving the culture of Africa and has apparently become a mainstay of students looking more into the history of the country famous for its incarnation of Nelson Mandela.

South Africa

South Africa is known for its amazing wildlife and national parks; tours are very popular with backpackers, these attractions are best to be booked via gap year agencies. The months of June to August, the winter, are the best months for wildlife tours, so keep that in mind when looking to adventure into the wild! The diversity of wildlife is insane, from hippos to penguins, there is such a broad range of animals to see. Table Mountain is an attraction that should be on your list to do; it is actually one of the ‘new seven wonders of nature’. However, these tours do come at a price; these experiences can be very hard on your bank account, so make sure you do your research and really pick something you will enjoy.

Coming away from the wildlife and sceneries, South Africa is home to some incredible cities. The capital, Cape Town, has some amazing spots for food and drink, dishes like Bunny Chow are popular at food markets. Long Street is the place in Cape Town to visit if you like to have a drink and a dance, it is home to all the nightclubs, and you have plenty of choices. Cape Town hostels can be booked up pretty quick, especially the more desireable ones, so be sure to book up in advanced.

A lot of travellers are choosing to book holidays in South Africa as it is a perfect destination for forest explorers and those wishing to swim in lush lagoons. Holidays to South Africa will take adventurers to the southernmost tip of Africa, with beaches, cliffs, and Winelands ready for the taking. South Africa safari holidays are very popular, with the inland Kruger National Park home to big game. If you’re looking to book holidays in South Africa find out where to go and what to do in our guide below:

South Africa gap year

Can you book family holidays to South Africa?

Of course! Anyone looking for sun, city, South Africa holidays will find many options available for exploring the African continent.

From Safari holidays in South Africa to any different amount of South Africa holidays that you can imagine. A good tip for booking for the family is to look into South Africa holidays that are all-inclusive, where accommodation, hotel, flights, and dining are all rolled into one.

South Africa holidays - where to go?

Firstly, South Africa holidays can offer sand, urban locations, and wild landscape exploring. For example, you can either choose South Africa Cape Town holidays or book beach holidays in South Africa instead. Once you decide whether you’d like an adventure or to relax while overseas you can pick which vacation is best suited for you.

South Africa holidays - what to do?

It doesn’t matter if you choose Virgin holidays for South Africa travelling or instead choose golf holidays in South Africa - the options are endless. South Africa holidays can offer experiences in the deep forests, on top of mountains or at the edge of cliffs.

South Africa gap year

Can you book cheap South Africa holidays?

Yes, you are able to watch your wallet while booking cheap holidays to South Africa. Even if you’re after safari holidays in South Africa you might find all-inclusive or package deals too hard to miss - they can save time and money.

The same can be said for luxury holidays in South Africa, work out your budget and what that means for where you can go and how long you can explore. Learning when the national holidays are in South Africa can also reflect the pricing, the same for booking either in or out of the school term time or during bank holidays in South Africa.

Package holidays to South Africa

South Africa holidays with safari adventures are great for anyone wanting the ultimate wildlife experience. Get up close and personal with lions, tigers and African elephants. But it doesn’t have to stop there, South Africa multi-centre holidays allow individuals to cross more than one item off their to-do list, just like safari and beach holidays in South Africa merge the two experiences into one!

Or if you’d like a different type of package, you could book South Africa and Mauritius holidays - visit two countries on one trip but with double the number of experiences under your belt.

What holidays are celebrated in South Africa?

If you are travelling to the continent you might want to find out how many public holidays are in South Africa or how many bank holidays are in South Africa during your trip. Local celebrations and festivals could add that extra flare during your stay, and while you’re there you could find out why holidays are so important in South Africa.

The country celebrates Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day like many countries around the world. They also have Family Day (April 13) and Freedom Day (April 27), as many as several others throughout the year. If you’re trying to find the best time to book, you can search for when is Easter holidays in South Africa and when are school holidays in South Africa to determine the optimum time to venture out. Although dates can vary each year, the school year runs from January to December and there are four school holidays within the 12 months: a two-week holiday in March/April, followed by a three-week holiday in June/July time during the summer, then a week break in September/October, and lastly a five or six-week break in December/January.

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